New Tales of Graces f Scans Clarify New Accelerate Mode

New partial Tales of Graces f scans have been released, which reveals a bevy of new information, including the new Mystic Artes for Cheria and Malik, as well as more concrete information on the game's new Accelerate mode.

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mephman2967d ago

Clarity is always good.

Hardedge2967d ago

I'm so looking forward to this.

nefertis2967d ago

I guess america wont get too play this.

jack_burt0n2967d ago

why dont atlus publish the tales games in the US if namco are so against it, hell they could even sub the games themselves.

ShawnCollier2966d ago

Namdai would have to give them the rights. And if Graces did well here, they'd have egg on their face, so to speak.

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