Five Best Video Game Console Ad Campaigns (RunDLC)

It’s one thing to design and mass-produce a video game console, and a whole matter marketing it. To get that bad boy into the public’s hands, companies work with ad agencies to dream up attractive and memorable campaigns that practically siphon dollar bills from people’s wallets. Some of them suck (the Atari Jaguar’s “Do the Math” commercials spring to mind), but that’s a whole other article. Instead of focusing on the bad, we decided to pull the five greatest console ad campaigns of all time, starting with…

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Bloodyghost3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I love all the recent campaigns by Sony. There Marketing Team deserves Medals on there on. Sony is going balls out and being a person who mainly plays on his Xbox, I appreciate how there handing there business. There great!

Wobbuffet3020d ago

I like sony commercials, they make me laugh and encourqage me to buy the product. Now if only they would do the same for pokemon black and white and include me, Wobbaaaa

Buff10443020d ago

Absolutely. My favorite is the It Only Does Everything campaign. Brilliant work!

ActionBastard3020d ago

Kevin Butler has been an awesome pitchman for Sony. I can't think of a bad ad, from the $299 price drop to GoW3 to KB from the Future, just great stuff.

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Hazmat133020d ago

when KB laughs a child is born

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