Disc Locked Content – The Way Forward?

I’m sure I’m not alone when I discover when new DLC (DownLoadable Content) is available for my game that a feeling of excitement comes over me. New maps, new content, new features that will extend the games life and increase playability.
So, when DICE announced that their game Battlefield Bad Company 2 (published by EA) will get six months of free DLC, I was over the moon – literally! But, like many others, I was lulled into a trap.

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XANDEO2992d ago

I think it's disgusting and should be illegal imo

T9X692992d ago

I agree. It would be like buying a new car, and then the car company locks the keys in it until you pay the car companies lock smith to open it for you. Fucking retarded.

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iamnsuperman2992d ago

It is a bit. When we pay for a game I would want everything on the disc I pay for not having to pay to unlock it....At least Dice new they should give it to us free....I think It might be the new fad.....Certain things will be locked so it gives the impression they are looking after the consumer

Man In Black2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

DLC these days would have been stuff that you unlocked after finishing the game in those days. If Resident Evil 4 was released now, modes like Separate Ways and Assignment Ada would've been dlc.

The only company that I've seen do DLC right is Rockstar. The GTA IV DLCs were fucking awesome, and put other pitiful excuses for DLC to shame (Here's looking at ya, EA).

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Nitrowolf22992d ago

they need to get rid of it
why would i want to pay more to unlock something already on the disc, i mean i thought DLC where getting bad with pricing and milking but now they offer a unlock key?

how much was the unlock key for RE5?

Yi-Long2992d ago

Wallet Locked Money!!!!

ambientFLIER2992d ago

What unlock key for RE5? Wasn't it just a new mode, that's why the download was so small? Are you guys hating just because it's cool?

Nitrowolf22992d ago

yeah it was small because the dlc was already on the disc (versus mode) they made you pay to unlock versus mode on the disc

ambientFLIER2991d ago

A "mode" is just a few lines of code that lays out the rules for a gametype. So how do you guys know it was already on the disc, and not downloaded in the small dlc??

jay22992d ago

No bloody way, put it on Blu-ray and let the xbox lovers pay!

Terarmzar2992d ago

I think it would actually be kinda helpful if hackers found a way to unlock dlc codes since it is already on the disc right?
It would teach companies to give you a full game
Only negative i see is if it is an actual company that does not rip you off
I just want your opinions on this people

DavidMacDougall2992d ago me not buying your games, i'm sure i wouldn't be the only one so its also the way forward to poor sales.

Mafia 2 for example, heard free ride is DLC? That stopped me from buying it, i'll get it used from gamestation in a couple of months in there 2 games for £25.

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The story is too old to be commented.