PGR 4: New Roads to Victory - St. Petersburg; New Images

St Petersburg is the third new city in PGR4, and possibly the most unusual of all the new locations. Why is this you ask? Two words: humpback bridges. The city itself actually spans several islands, with canals and rivers criss-crossing between them. This not only sets a suitably impressive scene, but it also allows some daredevil racing across raised bridges and arches. There has never been an opportunity to catch so much air in the PGR series since San Francisco way back in the days of Project Gotham Racing 1.

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Lakuspakus4134d ago

Looks pretty good, but i am still a bit suspicius if it will play good.

God of Gaming4133d ago

Huh? Its the 4th in the series.. have you played one before? I am sure it will be similar ...

Waffle-boy4134d ago

...Saint Petersburg was also in PGR 2...

jay34133d ago

These shots don't look as good as that first batch a while back. They were incredible.