Are We Expecting A Big Change In Gaming Platform?

It is no doubt that sooner or later all games will be accessible through the web browser. There will be no need to download, no need to install and whether you have a playstation or iPhone you will be able to play the game.

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bhosdika2936d ago

I think it would be taking more than five years for this to happen...
Right now all I see on the web is facebook/zynga games and they suck.

FragGen2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Games have always been difficult to generalize from a development standpoint, because they tend to benefit the most from bleeding edge hardware. They've resisted homogenization even now, when everything else about computing has become pretty much generic/platform independent and I think there's a reason for this...

Even if your phone can do OpenGL through it's browser/HTML5, are you really going to need want 6-10Gb of texture data for the 3D worlds there? How is the code going to be scalable from a dual octo-core, surround sound, 3D glasses enabled version to an iPhone 7 version on the fly?

Sure, maybe much of your game data will exist in the cloud and it will *LOOK* from the end users, perspective, like it's all "web based" but it will have to require some minimum hardware requirements/resources to run correctly (and that will create on the fly versioning) and that designed-for-the-LCD experience will cross the "good enough" threshold for many, but the highly optimized cutting edge stuff will always be designed for a specific target platform and someone will always want cutting edge stuff (me).

orlandobruce2936d ago

Google invested 100$ Million in Zynga, can we expect better graphics?

pishabi2936d ago

There was the release of Quake 3D for browsers with OPEN GL Web drivers.
A good start :D

internetish2936d ago

You got download link for it?

HeroXIV2936d ago

I dunno if he's talking about this:

But I assume it's essentially the same.

GamingForever2936d ago

I love watching gaming change as long as it's for the better...

betrayed gamer2936d ago

a game that makes you care. where everything you do has importance, where npc's know you and react to your presence and your past actions in a realistic way. not omg he is a murderer run away or he's a hero let's follow him aimlessly. where you can walk into a town and see people doing work things change over time. make it mmorpgish where seasons change, and make holidays to reflect reality thats what i want made.

Marked2936d ago

Not a bad idea..... the only problem I see, if your gaming world is open to change by other players(MP).... its only a matter of time till your towns people dont trust anyone one and they are in an economical reform.

Left confused, battered and beaten... the towns people would resort to drugs and prostitution to divert from the painfull reality... they have been betrayed by the gamer.

betrayed gamer2936d ago

true,but to combat that when a player joins your world thru invite only, their actions are saved with yours, therefore their actions only affect them in yours, but to have some fun it gets reported to theirs as well. so their towns people will react to the actions as well.

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