PS3: Dark Sector 3D Screens

- Do you like fire? How about sharp objects? And what about brutal stabbings?

If you answered "yes" to all three, we have the game for you. Dark Sector is coming our way from Digital Extremes and D3 Publisher next year and promises to add a bit of brains to the action genre. As Hayden Tenno, you'll fight through a country situated in a desolated Soviet block and uncover all sorts of interesting things to kill with a rather wicked Glaive at your disposal.

The game features a pretty creepy atmosphere and some pretty impressive visuals, and to help show them off we have a trio of 3D images for your perusal. These shots are large in size so be sure to save them to your computer rather than just clicking, but the downloads are worth it. Have a look.

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MK_Red4053d ago

The third one (Pictured here) is really sick. Nice images.

Lakuspakus4053d ago

If this is a PS3 game, why the fuk does it show up in the X360 section?

Dr Pepper4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

The screens are from the PS3 version, but the game is coming out for both consoles.

MK_Red4053d ago

They did really good job with these 3D ones. By using objects near and far from camera (Specially in 2nd and 3rd screens), they have a true 3D feel and show some nice graphics.

Jeebus4053d ago

I wish more games would release them. Some KZ2 ones would be delicious.