Infamous had Hoverboards, Motorcycles and Dreadlocks

During a Sucker Punch panel at PAX 10 last week, the developers talked about the countless iterations Infamous went through until the final product shipped.

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sinncross2658d ago


lol the one thing I was hoping to see in IF was Cole having the ability to make a hoverboard out of electricity for fast ground movement.

I think that would be cool!

TheOldOne2658d ago

I don't know if anyone watched this but its about a superhero that has electric powers like cole. I thought cole would have his own metal hoverboard like Static does in this vid (at 0:24):

That show was awesome :)

T9X692658d ago

Hahaha I was thinking the same thing, just couldn't remember the name of the show.

SasanovaS19872658d ago

static shock was my shi777777...maybe around the empire city, there could be sewers in middle of the streets with those round metal covers over them, and cole can walk over it and pick 1 of them up and use it as a hover board for a while before it runs out of juice, then he has to replace it again

Chuk_Chuk2658d ago

i remember that show. Man so many good memories

SeanRL2658d ago

I remember that show! A hoverboard like that would be badass!

goldensfree2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

pls ill pay anything ya want for it XD heck my next kid will b named gearwolf XD

seriously that motorbike the combat why did all this stuff get canned you guys rocks pls make more games :D

tinybigman2658d ago

was pissed when they canceled it.



That one great idea my fellow '87er! Cole could also be limited to his own electrical juice and just like he can recharge from any electrical source (phone booths, car battery, transformators, etc), he could as well auto recharge when near one of those sources while floating in hover mode, so he has to keep moving.

It could make some great hot pursuits combined to those they already use with power line grinding.

One vehicle I expected Cole to use for fast navigation, considering he is a courrier, is a bike. Maybe he could even use electricity to improve the biking. But I'm afraid it's one of those ideas that sounds much better than it actually is, it could feels kinda lame if the map and challenges wouldn't be done around the concept to some extent.

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mcroddi2658d ago

I would have loved to see those...too bad.

jay22658d ago

Can't get the video to work :( did they say if the features were coming on Infamos 2?

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Simon_Brezhnev2658d ago

i kinda wish he did have dreads

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