3rd Birthday Team Aims for Half a Million Units

In the latest batch of Tweets at The 3rd Birthday official Twitter, Tetsuya Nomura and director Hajime Tabata shared some details into the game's target sales figures and what exactly such figures mean.

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jack_burt0n3017d ago

PSP is rockin pretty hard the new gow and KH.

raztad3017d ago

Yeah. Some big releases at the door, and dont forget MGS4, VC2 are already out.

Handhelds_FTW3017d ago

that's there projected goal then I don't see why The 3rd Birthday wouldn't get a PSN release as well.

darthdevidem013017d ago

lol the aren't exactly aiming high.

raztad3017d ago

500K sounds like a lot. I doubt most games do that. Probably you are spoiled.

It comes to show why most RPGs ends up on handheld. Lower investment, higher revenue with less copies sold.

knifefight3017d ago

Um? Yes, that IS aiming very high.
Even on a console, breaking 100,000 units sold is a very big deal.
Know what the average PSP game sells? 15,000 copies.

So yes, aiming for 500,000 IS aiming high.