Player Affinity: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Hands-On

Jon Jamrog wrote: "I was beyond excited to get my hands on The Force Unleashed 2. It's my most anticipated title of the year so imagine my joy when the Penny Arcade Expo this year in Seattle gave me access to play the first level on the 360 version. In short, the game is awesome. But more importantly it looks like LucasArts is out to improve the overall experience in every aspect, rather than just rush out a sequel for some quick coin."

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Grim_Fandango3023d ago

Intercourse the Stars Wars :P

Awesome though, still need to finish the first one... lol.

Invadersims3022d ago

I'm beyond excited for this game. I do hope that there's a little more than meets the eye as far as the story goes, because saying he's a clone just seems like the easy way out. It seems so cliche, but maybe I'm wrong.

jjmtf223022d ago

Will be interesting to see where they go with it. Figuring out whether or not Starkiller in TFU2 is a clone should be a big part of the story.

DDMNeo3017d ago

I really want to try this game. The first game wasn't bad, but I love Star Wars so I liked it over all. This one I'm in between seeing how bad ass it looks, and thinking that this is all about making more money from a attempt to make a game between the two trilogies. We'll see soon enough what it is.