The Simpsons Game: Grand Theft Scratchy Is Under Attack

The Simpsons have been on a roll this year. The movie came out, and it was good. But it was EA who had the biggest shock in store for everyone when they showcased the upcoming Simpsons Game. The new game, which will hopefully cleanse us of the past transgressions of Simpsons games, aims to spoof the entire industry. As the Simpsons Movie movie has already done to great effect, EA hopes the new game will do the same. From "Medal of Homer" sections to a "Grand Theft Scratchy" game that bolsters Marge to gather the townsfolk and march on retailers selling the title, you're in for an experience that only Springfield's first family can provide.

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MK_Red4016d ago

"Grand Theft Scratchy" awesome name. This part could be fun. I hope they put a Burnout part as well or a Madden 08 one...

Lakuspakus4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

This is going to be awesome!

"Bart Simpsons Underground Skateboarding"

Bazookajoe_834016d ago

It´s Ea ;-) They will probably make run in 30 fps on ps3 version (Retarded developers)

DG4016d ago

I was about to say EA actually made a decent game. We'll see.

vudu4016d ago

until I saw EA was behind it.

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