GRTV: Dragon Age 2 interview

Gamereactor's Petter Mårtensson met lead designer Mike Laidlaw from Bioware to ask him about the similarities between Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect, and what's different and what remains the same compared to Dragon Age: Origins.

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Cat2655d ago

Great interview, Petter, I guess Dragon Age is going to outlive us...? ;)

dc12655d ago

Very very good game. I was completely surprised with how well the story was told. DA2 is a first week pick up for me.

Cat2655d ago

Based on what I saw at PAX, the storytelling will really be stepped up a notch. I'm looking forward to it!

asyouburn2655d ago

please be good! please be good! please be good!

wollie2655d ago

awesome interview. The only thing i'm scared of is that the combat will go more action based and the rpg/tactical side will be toned down. I know they'll do a great job with the story and I think main character voice acting was a good move.

NYC_Gamer2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

i think the combat will still have that rpg/tactical gameplay but will be more easier for console owners config wise

Cat2655d ago

That seemed to be the goal - the words "play like a General, fight like a Spartan" were used frequently at PAX.

wh0am12655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

all the way back to Breath of Fire on the NES to Isaac in Dead Space
mute characters with great writing is the best combo IMO
it is far too easy to mess up what the hero says
even in Mass Effect certain dialogues exchanges are kind of awkward
but in Dragon Age almost all of the conversations felt "natural" becasue you're inserting a lot of your own dialogues into the the hero