Dragon Age: Origins Witch Hunt DLC Review (

Raymond Herrera of reviews the latest downloadable add-on, Witch Hunt, for BioWare’s fantasy epic Dragon Age: Origins. The latest in the DLC is the conclusion to the relationship between the Grey Warden hero and his/her companion Morrigan.

"With Dragon Age 2 coming early next year BioWare is releasing one of their last add-ons for the original Dragon Age which should give gamers a little bit of closure for the Dragon Age: Origins storyline.

At the end of Dragon Age: Origins players were told “Never follow me” and soon after Morrigan disappears without a trace, from there it seemed that this was the end of the hero’s relationship with her. In Awakening there was really no mention of her or the hero’s idea of pursuit, but there was always that question of what became of her."

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