NBA 2K11 for PS3: Michael Jordan, PlayStation Move Details, and Much More

Ronnie Singh on Playstation Blog writes:

"Hi guys! Ronnie here from 2K Sports. I am the Community Manager here and the point person for our fans. Have feedback on a feature for NBA 2K11? Want to get an idea in the game? You have my ear and can always reach me on Twitter. Drop me a line anytime!

You probably remember me from my PlayStation.Blog posts on NBA 2K10 last year. This year, we decided to blow all the doors off and introduce MICHAEL JORDAN to the 2K Sports family as the cover athlete for NBA 2K11 (in stores everywhere 10/5/2010). Like most of you basketball fans, Michael Jordan is my idol and synonymous with basketball greatness. You can read about how you will get the chance to relive his career in 10 of his most iconic games in The Jordan Challenge."

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ActionBastard2994d ago

I think it's clear...Move supports all types of games.

-Ikon-2994d ago

HA Snoops song is actually good.. MJ + Move = SEXY

mrcash2994d ago

move can support every game, the question is going to be how well it will play out. It sounds interesting but I don't think it'll work well with basketball.

Sheikh Yerbouti2993d ago

But I HIGHLY doubt Move is for everygame, but if it is...this is a good place to start showing me. The controls look interesting.

Xulap2994d ago

Superior version confirmed?

I'd gladly take PlayStation Move support over a few pixels.

Dellis2994d ago

LOL you can't be serious

LeonSKennedy4Life2994d ago

Are you saying you'd rather it look slightly better than be more fun?

Xulap2994d ago

Actually, I am.

The more features the better. No?
Besides, I don't think the performance of the PS3 version will be a major difference between other versions.

Sitdown2993d ago

How do you know it would be more fun?

chanto232994d ago

You are crazy then...on basketball games graphics make a huge difference. So far all 2K games look and perform better on 360 so i'll wait for the demos but i'm pretty sure the trend will continue

mrcash2994d ago

nba 2k10 looks and performs just the same on ps3 and xbox, how do i know this? my bro owns the xbox version and I own the ps3 version and its the same experience.

OneShotThrill2993d ago

I own both consoles. I have owned 2K on 360 and Ps3. The xbox version has way more framerate drops and freezes. Especially when things get heavy in the paint and theres more traffic around the basket.

mrcash2993d ago

that used to happen on my xbox to, but from what i gathered is that its because mine is old and gets hot fairly quick, my bro has a newer 360 not slim and it doesnt have any problems with that game.

crck2993d ago

I'll take the PC version. Half price at $30, 1080p, 60 fps.

mrcash2993d ago

its usually 20$ i have and hd 5670 and dualcore 5200+ @ 3.0 but cant get those settings or i'd def pick it up.

crck2993d ago

Yeah I actually got it for $10 last year. After $10 credit at Amazon. Doesn't look like they are offering it this year though. It ran perfectly when I had my I5 750 and GTX 260 absolutely everything maxed out.

mrcash2994d ago

I'll stick to my dualshock.

mirroredderorrim2994d ago

[email protected] lyric "can you make a jump shot sittin in the bleachas?"

tdogg060519912994d ago

i was hoping for a immersive basketball experiance not flick down to dunk. I wanna actually shoot the basketball up.

Canas20102993d ago

Why not just go play real B-ball?

Sheikh Yerbouti2993d ago

What I said about Dance Central...!

"I shake my booty every weekend. What's so special?"

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