Sega: Sonic Colors is for everyone!

Destructoid:- "In short, Sonic Colors is designed first and foremost to be fun; the emphasis is still on everything that makes Sonic great, so there will be things there that will please long time fans in addition to elements in the game designed to bring in new Sonic fans as well. We expect that all of these aspects of gameplay will result in an experience that gamers of all ages will truly enjoy. And the game is a great compliment to both Sonic 4, a title that focuses on that retro style of gameplay and is also being released later this year as the first true sequel to the SEGA Genesis line of games, and Sonic Free Riders, which is the first game of its kind on Kinect this fall." Sonic senior brand manager Judy Gilbertson...

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jack_burt0n3015d ago

its a wii excluisve!?! isnt it, so no but it does look great.

turok3015d ago

certainly isnt the first one just hoping it doesnt disappoint like the last few.