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"The art of deception can be pretty slick if it’s played to the right extent. An espionage-based movie, for instance, will keep our attention if it has a hero who’s a master of con games, or an extraordinary twist midway through that changes everything you’ve come to realize in the film. Ubisoft has adapted the art of deception into its latest game, the real-time strategy title R.U.S.E. And while it has some interesting concepts behind it, the general flow of the game and lack of interest in characters keep us from being just as intrigued as we would any given chapter in the Bourne trilogy."

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athmaus2992d ago

that stinks...i was hopping that this game was goingto be good :(

DemonStration2992d ago

Maybe it's only good if you play it on a Microsoft Surface

Caspel2992d ago

does a single individual own a surface?

fooltheman2992d ago

the characters aren't's WAR WAR.... TANKS WAR..
WAr doesnt need a story.... fighting is fighting....

(half comical ment)

jakethesnake2992d ago

"Even worse, the battles take forever to unfold. You could have all the solid tactics in the world, but is all that time for planning worth anything if they take several minutes to unfold?"

Wow - several minutes = forever? So the lesson here is don't get this game if you have ADD and can't wait a couple of minutes for a battle to unfold.

That said I think people should check out the demo rather than listening to these reviews. They are all over the place and this one reads like the guy playing it has experienced very few RTS games in his day.