Crysis 2 Interview Answers Your Questions

BattleStrats Community Director JLesinski recently sat down with Tom Ebsworth, the Senior Community Manager for Crytek, the studio behind Crysis 2.

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xxxAnubisxxx2991d ago

Some good info in that interview... can't wait for this game!

Wobbuffet2991d ago

I agree, very nice interview, really looking foward to the game, this and Killzone 3 are the two on my FPS radar in the next coming months.

Hoje03082991d ago

Killzone 3 looks like it's going to be amazing! I actually just started playing Killzone 2 to make the wait a little easier. It's not helping.
I am very curious about Crysis 2 as well, but I'm a little concerned about how the console versions will be. Either way, with the TS team behind the multiplayer, it should be fun to play online, provided EA can actually put together some decent servers.

fuckitimout2991d ago

another mw2 clone. Seems like every game copies something from mw2: rdr, bbc2, me2....when will it stop? Now crysis 2 copies. Gaming industry is in trouble

Hoje03082991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

How is this another MW2 clone, do you even know anything about Crysis? Your assertion that everyone copies from games that came out this gen is unbelievably stupid and makes you sound like someone who thinks "classic" gaming means pulling out the PS2 your parents bought you for your 16th birthday. FPS gaming did not begin with that steaming piece of shit you mentioned earlier.

Edit: Oh, with the TS team working on the multiplayer, you can be sure the online portion won't be a safe haven for cheaters unlike MW2.

fuckitimout2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

they copied. Both are fps and they shoot guns. Mw2 wannabe but they can't match the tactical gameplay of mw2. End of discussion

Hoje03082991d ago

Tactical? Ha!! Now I know you're joking! It's a twitch shooter, only it doesn't do it as well as Quake or UT.

Fishy Fingers2991d ago

Bah... the majority of the questions that I had interest in received the usual "we haven't released any information on that yet" tagline.

If your only going to rehash information you've already shared, whats the point.

lostinplace2991d ago

They just love doin that too.

Hoje03082991d ago

It's EA, you know consoles will get P2P and PCs might get dedicated servers, but only if EA is still interested in showing up Activision. The level creator will probably be PC only, if it's included at all.
As a PS3 owner, I just hope they take advantage of the open platform nature of the system and allow us to download PC mods, like in UT3. I'm not holding my breath, however.

Pandamobile2990d ago

PC will most likely be dedicated servers. Consoles, I don't know. Level editor is PC only, that I can guarantee, and I highly doubt there will any kind of mod support for either console version.

HDgamer2990d ago

Panda You can't even say that there will be zero mod support for the consoles. Most likely the 360 but not the ps3.

HDgamer2990d ago

three disagrees from a fanboy's alternate account lol. You can't even explain your pathetic self.

yarbie10002991d ago

Really disappointed however that vehicles are missing

videogamescliche2991d ago

WTF? no vehicles?

i read on xbox live crysis 2 only supports 12 players online lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.