IGN: Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker Review

As a huge fan of the Mass Effect series, I have been somewhat disappointed with all of the downloadable content offerings. While the characters have been interesting and the stories well-told, it felt like what happened didn't matter once it was all over. BioWare has changed that with its latest downloadable content – The Lair of the Shadow Broker. The first "bridging" DLC available, your actions do matter and will play a role in Mass Effect 3.

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Forbidden_Darkness2654d ago

Does this DLC packaged in the PS3 version of ME2? I believe all the DLC was going to be included right? Because this looks awesome and has gotten one of the best ratings for a DLC ever.

markbob2654d ago

Bioware has yet to announce which DLC will be included with the PS3 launch of Mass Effect 2.

It might be all of them including this one or could be only the ones up to this one.

I'd assume we'll here more about Bioware's plans as it gets closer to launch on the PS3

- Ghost of Sparta -2654d ago

All Mass Effect 2 DLC will be packaged in the PS3 version.

SasanovaS19872654d ago

yea, game is like 6 months away, by that time, mass effect 2 will be somewhat forgotten, and what other way, other then including all DLC for free, with the ps3 version, to get it on the map, and peoples buy list...

bjornbear2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

6 people are butthurt!!!

I can't wait for this game! Loving ME1! The cool thing will be everything will be at the price of €60, which is a bargain considering all the DLC + starting price of ME2 > €60

sucks to wait but personally I don't get my PS3 back till January Anyway ='(

@sasanova: "will be somewhat forgotten"- maybe for people who have played it =P

PS3 owners
Gamers that enjoyed it enough and want it on their PS3

I still haven't forgotten Uncharted 2, and it came out almost a year ago. Great games aren't forgotten. I love it how suddenly that its coming out for the PS3, it will be "forgotten". WTF is that? GREAT GAMES ARE ALWAYS REMEMBERED.

Hell I still remember Zelda Ocarina of Time! =P

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EliteAssass1n2654d ago

i'm hope they release a GOTY edition for 360. This and Overlord look awesome.

Silentmerc3nary2654d ago

I'd expect a GoTY Edition the same time EA releases Mass Effect 2 on PS3.

BeaArthur2654d ago

They haven't specified yet. Can't wait to play this, but it will probably be awhile before I get around to another play through.

Darkfiber2654d ago

I doubt it. Maybe some of the cheap stuff like weapon packs and maybe the additional characters but that's probably it. They will most likely charge for the big ones like this and Overlord.

ShadowCK2654d ago

You do realise this is about the Lair of the Shadow Broker and not about the fact that Mass Effect 2 is going to PS3 right?

throw_this_away2653d ago

People seem to expect everything to be given to them these days. If the developers knew that they could not charge for this DLC to cover costs of development (salaries of employees)... it would be at a much lower quality level, and it would NOT get a 9.5 review.

Quality is not cheap.

Welcome to life.

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PirateThom2654d ago

I haven't touched any of the ME2 DLC, what ones are worth picking up?

BeaArthur2654d ago

None of the ones you pay for are crap. I would say they are all worth playing. Especially if you are going to play through the whole game again.

2654d ago
tplarkin72654d ago

The biggest ones are Overlord and Shadow Broker, each for $10. Both of these are worth every dollar. The Kasumi mission is shorter, but keep in mind that she is playable through the whole game and has dialogue during cutscenes like the main characters. The new guns are excellent. It's the only pistol that's fun to use.

Megaton2654d ago

Shadow Broker is the first to cost $10. Kasumi and Overlord are both $7.

Megaton2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I bought all of them with little/no regret, but I haven't played this one because I don't have a 360 anymore. I did watch it online, though. I agree with IGN's score. It's easily the best so far, even at a higher price and similar length of all the others. It's very interesting and well-made, especially if you're a Liara fan, as I am. It introduces new gameplay mechanics and doesn't shy away from revealing who the Shadow Broker is. It puts everything on the table. Very satisfying.

No Way2653d ago

You don't deserve the game on PS3, if you don't even know the name. >.<
I have a feeling, though.. that this won't sell too good on the PS3..
Before the news, PS3 fans (on here) all just hated on it, now love it.
And, I'm sure they love it just to 'love it.' To be a nuisance.

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jakethesnake2654d ago

"your actions do matter and will play a role in Mass Effect 3"

Well, now I feel like I have to get this since I do care about what happens with my character in ME3.

Actually, who am I kidding, I was going to buy this one anyways. Plus it'll get me excited to do another play through!

CobraKai2654d ago

Mass Effect is definitely my favorite RPG this generation. I never gotten a DLC before cuz it didn't seem really feel necessary, but fact that this is an important plot element is driving me to get it.

Does anyone think the "Stolen Memory" DLC is worth getting?

jakethesnake2654d ago

It was ok - but I'm a bit torn on whether or not to recommend it. In my opinion, it didn't really add much to the story and cost too much for something that didn't even last an hour. That was the last paid DLC I picked up (until this one that is...)

CobraKai2654d ago

Cool thanks. Under an hour? I think I'll stick to this Shadow Broker one for now.

No Way2653d ago

Hmmm.. I spent more than an hour on 'Stolen Memory.'
But, if I'm correct, Kasumi is a new 'game through' character.
Like.. Tali for example. Has lots and lots of dialogue to add.

I may be wrong on that, though?

comp_ali2654d ago

as I said above , it says exclusivily on X360 at the top of the review page, I opened Bioware site and it say it is on the DLC is on both PC , 360.
remeber when some people said they listed Batman Arkham city as PS3 exclusive too, IGN must be on crack.

Bnet3432654d ago

Dude, who cares? You're honestly getting your head wrapped up over this? Jesus christ.

Darkfiber2654d ago

I played it on PC. IGN is stupid, they don't understand computers.

SeraphimBlade2654d ago

It's over twice the length of any other DLC mission, has a vehicle section that's paced just right and has a storyline on par with the on-disc game. And there are these cool things you can do once you've beaten it.

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