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"NHL 10 bedazzled us last year with its unmatched realism and genuinely fun gameplay, proving that EA Sports had finally accomplished the unthinkable, topping 2K Sports in a field that it had once dominated. Now, with NHL 2K11 out of the way on the Wii (and lacking), the company is set for full dominance with its latest hockey romp, NHL 11. Does it shoot and score? You bet it does, although some mild imperfections keep it from being the stuff of legend."

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athmaus2959d ago

Looks like i migh thave to pick this game up...thx :)

gypsygib2959d ago

Might get it today, the latest this weekend.

jakethesnake2959d ago

As long as I can play Ovechkin and bust out some career ending knee-on-knee hits, it'll all be good.