Haze - Fighting Asymmetrically

We take a quick peek at HAZE's upcoming multiplayer component, details inside.

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Bazookajoe_833990d ago

This could be game of the year =)

Gizmo_Logix3990d ago

I'm not sure. But all I want is a demo. I loved the GRAW 2 demo. And the Dirt Demo.

Folklore and Haze are next. Sleepers, maybe?

I'm getting FL even if it gets a 8.0. I just don't want Haze to be just another shooter.

archpsyker3990d ago

I really like the detail they are putting into the gameplay. Each side has it's pros and cons.

I don't think this will quite get game of the year but it will be on a lot of purchase lists.

Vip3r3989d ago

I think this game will be like Red Faction on the PS3. Underratted and exellent. It just needs more hype. I'll still be getting it though.