Is this the new Arkham Asylum?

Show of hands: Who's excited about Batman Arkham City? Yeah, well pipe down. It's a long way off yet.

Look, I'm just as pumped as the next Bat-fan for Rocksteady's sequel - but right now we need to concentrate on gaming survival. I'm with you, brother. I won't let you die out here.

Basically, we need Arkham Asylum 1.5. Something to tease the palette; moisten the tongue - and fill the Bat-shaped hole.

So I put it to you that maybe, just maybe, you could fill that void with web. I'm talking Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions.

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Quagmire3023d ago

Close, but no dice. While its probably the best SpiderMan game this gen...or ever, it still has a few flaws as noted from reviewers, showing it still has massive potential, simply brought down by a few bad or technical decisions.

Still, its a purchase from me. Oh, and wasnt Transformers considered the new Arkham Asylum also?

MaxOpower3023d ago

Ever? Then you didn't play Spiderman2!

CaptainPunch3023d ago

Spiderman 2 was pretty awesome

MiamiACR3023d ago

I found Batman AA to be an overrated piece of trash, at least the combat system was amusing at times. So the only reason they are comparing this game to AA is because they are both super hero's? Well lets face it there are bound to be fanboys on either side defending one or the other, haven't played the new spider man game but I'm sure it's decent.

Richard_Hammond3023d ago

Batman is not a superhero since He doesn't have any SUPERpowers

Death3023d ago

Batman can take out Superman. That's pretty badass to me. He's super rich too. Maybe that's how he got the key to the Super Hero bath room at the Hall of Justice.


ABizzel13023d ago

I don't think Batman AA sucked, it was a really good game, but not all mighty.

cyborg69713023d ago

He's just a douche who has to let everyone know he doesn't like this game. And who needs to Stfu cause no one cares what he likes ignore the turd. Ot I am looking forward to this game.

TheLastGuardian3023d ago

Obviously nobody cares what you think because I have 5 bubbles and you have 1. Thanks for disagreeing guys even though nobody will ever read this since this story is old.

sealion883023d ago

Haven't played a good spider-man game since the ps1 days

PS360PCROCKS3023d ago

the one on the PS2 was pretty good I thought. It was fun to swing through new york city.

ElDorado3023d ago

agree. Damn it was so much fun on the Playstation like you said swinging around in new york city. I loved the ps2 games. This one is really good. The art is amazing. I'm gonna get this for sure!

SnakePlissken3023d ago

the amazing spider man for PS1? it came out on the dreamcast with better graphics and still to this day is one of the better spiderman games. more true to the comics. didnt care for the movie based games. i remember playing spiderman & venom maximum carnage on the SNES, game was awesome and the music was a riot!!! seriously though, shattered dimensions is definately one of the best spiderman games to date so far. i picked it up yesterday and it is very, very good. boss battles are awesome and the game on a whole has an old school feel to it. really an awesome game and could be on par with Arkham. much better than web of shadows. that game got quite repetetive. this one blows it away. take it from a real spidey game fan. ive been playin spiderman games since atari and can be pretty hard on spiderman games.

Terarmzar3023d ago

Hell yeah i remember that game on the ps1 but i ended up losing that game with a few others too

Sheikh Yerbouti3023d ago

I doubt we will see a really decent Spider-man game while Activision is the publisher. Why put money in a franchis, if Disney is going to do all the Marvel games in the future.

This may be a half-way decent game, but Arkham Asylum belongs up there with Gears and Uncharted in my book. Awesome game. I can't see that happening with Activision, unless it is a COD: Spider-warfare.

Rampaged Death3023d ago

Not a chance in hell but it looks good.

JohnApocalypse3023d ago

They almost got it I think. I like how these developers working on licensed game are not exploiting them a.k. Batman AA, War for Cybertron and this game

gamejediben3023d ago

Spider-man Shattered Dimensions is a piss poor substitute for Arkham City and the writer of this article should be dragged into the street and shot for such blasphemy.

At best, this game is a weekend rental and should never be put in the same sentence with the 100% pure, grade "A", pasteurized pwnage of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

ActionBastard3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Have you even played Spider-man Shattered Dimensions? I only ask b/c you sound like someone who hasn't and is blindly defending Batman (a great game, true).

MmaFanQc3023d ago

go play the game if you want to talk about it...

Montrealien3023d ago

I played it, and if you think this is even remotely close to Batman AA, you have no idea what you are talking about. I am dumbfounded by the good reviews this game is getting.

You know this is a bad Spider man game when spider man can stick to some walls, but not on others and it is so linear is makes my bring hurt.

3023d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.