Playstation 3 Kills HD DVD

Just a few months ago, the high-definition arena looked like we were in for a lengthy battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD. That impression surely has changed: Blu-ray is capturing the market where it counts – movie sales, which apparently are driven by Playstations making their way into the market. Will the game console break HD DVD's neck?

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Lord Anubis4057d ago

grinding, sounds like he is a bit upset because HD-DVD "is in the dust"

Captain Tuttle4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Monopolies are great for consumers.

Edit: because it's obvious dumbass! ;-)

ENNO4057d ago

[im so fuking bored]I have to agree 100%[/im so fuking bored]

XxZxX4057d ago

just like VHS and DVD monopoly....???? How is that monopoly. Monopoly = One company calling all the shot, just like an particular OS. Blu-ray is backed by alot of company and spear-headed by Sony??

Monopoly? you meant the board game right, because that's no way you enjoy buying two formats and two machine for your living room.

Real Gambler4057d ago

We cannot be wrong three times in a row after all. Yep, VHS wasn't the best choice, but hey, it did the job quite nicely (I still have my original $1400 Beta machine, and was using it until PVR came along). DVD wasn't the best choice either, but again, nobody's complaining.

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paracardium4057d ago

also agree with this title.

MADGameR4057d ago

Including Blu Ray in the PS3. What happens when a format is presented to be the start of the HD era vs a console that is very popular all over the world, has had incredible success in the market and has a new High Definition format that too early at its time to be presented? You get the new format in a product that is destined for great success as the winner. Since Blu Ray was in decided to be included in the PS3, it was going to win anyway! The PlayStation consoles would sell nomatter which format it had either HDDVD,DVD or Blu Ray, it did'nt matter!

Marceles4057d ago

*waits for cdzie to come in with a lame comment*

Real Gambler4057d ago

WOW how do you do that : )

cdzie14057d ago

I bought a PS3 on day one. The fact that I prefer Xbox and HD DVD didn't mean that I hated PS3.

I became PO'ed with the whole situation when Sony started with their whole "HD DVD is dead" talk. It was very unprofessional. When I looked into it deeper, I realized that Sony & Blu-ray have been doing many unprofessional things, boarding on illegal. That's why they are under investigation by the European Union.

Since then, I’ve been sticking up for HD DVD and calling out Blu-ray’s “lie machine.”

Hatchetforce4057d ago

Well I bought a 360 day one. It broke. Twice. I got so tired of seeing Peter Moore stand up there and wave his arms and say "There is no problem"

Since then I have been calling out MS on their die machine.

Blood_Spiller4054d ago

It was my understanding that both the Blu-Ray camp and the HD-DVD camp were under investigation by the EU.

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