Quantum Theory Demo Now Available on PlayStation Network

Tecmo Koei Europe has today announced that a demo version of the upcoming sci-fi, third-person action game, Quantum Theory, is now available for download for PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network. Xbox 360 users can expect the demo to hit Xbox LIVE later this month.

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chazjamie3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

vanquish would have to satify my 3rd person requirments this holiday. although there are so many games coming out. i cant think of a 3rdp shooter right now thats going to come out any time soon.

back to the game. well, to be honest i was hoping for the tomb raider/uncharted dynamic. Where a similar game, does what the older game could never do or refused to do. For example, gears controls are pretty sluggish, but it still works, in this game its even worse. I was hoping for quicker movements.

I was interested in this game, but now its just a mess. maybe just maybe it should of been scrapped.

ProjectVulcan3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Huge rip off of Gears. From the playable character and enemy model styles to the environments, the glib battle dialogue, the animation set. Possibly the most blatant copy i have ever seen, utterly shameless. Imagine Gears of war as a proof of concept in about 2004 on Unreal engine 2 before development began in earnest with the new engine and hardware. This is that.....

talltony3019d ago

ITS so garbage! it does nothing right. Complete borefest!

vickers5003019d ago

Gears controls weren't sluggish, just a bit weighty.

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Deputydon3019d ago

Ahh. I'm glad I never thought this game looked good.

Immortal3213019d ago

it fails on the behalf of the gameplay. The story looks interesting, the graphics, needs a tune up.

I'll give the demo a 6.

Aleusia3019d ago

I will have to check this out.

jay23019d ago

woho 360 owners have to wait!

T9X693019d ago

I'm a 360 owner and I don't have to wait. I own a PS3 also, woho!

jay23019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Are the 3 disagrees stupid or something? it's out on PSN now but not 360, now someone tell me how a statment can be disagreed with please?

despair3019d ago

its the fact that you're cheering that some people get the demo before others, I mean everyone should get to suffer through this god awful demo at the same time.

jack_burt0n3019d ago


ppl were getting excited over a game, when the first trailer hit.

Shall we go through all the Forza 3 articles, or better yet the ODST articles claiming it will put KZ2 in its place lol or the endless alan wake articles.

No one is bashing gears whats ur problem, nobody likes clones.

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teedogg803019d ago

Doesn't matter because the game sucks anyway.

etownone3019d ago


Such a little troll!!

But you got that, me and my 360 have to wait to play what sounds like a crappy demo. :(

Eiffel3019d ago

I think 360 owners got this a long time ago back in 2006, it was also an improved version as well, think it went by the name "Gears Of War" if I'm correct.

Yeah, no go. Tried the demo, it's just not good.

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Poseidon3019d ago

this looks just like gears of war lol

Gue13019d ago

graphics are worse though

despair3019d ago

and voice acting, boss battle,enemies,weapons,crappy melee,useless AI "co-op" pretty much everything that makes gears great they ruined.

Soldierone3019d ago I was so excited to play a Gears clone, this is just....horrible.

ABizzel13019d ago

Clones never beat the original.

vickers5003019d ago

Saint's Row 1 and 2 say hi (both better than GTAIV).

ABizzel13019d ago

Saint Row is not better than Grand Theft Auto.

Their good games, and fun to play, but their not as good as GTA from a gamplay or story perspective.

StanRaimondi3019d ago

I tried it i think its ok. Imo it will be one of those games i get later when it gets cheaper. To many other games coming out that i want more.