PSU Exclusive: FIFA 11 video shows new and improved defending techniques

From PlayStation Universe: "One of the biggest additions to FIFA 11 is the new Personality+ system that provides authentic real-life player abilities to their in-game counterparts. In this exclusive video detailing advanced defending techniques, we see how Personality+ can permeate into all aspects on the pitch.

We recently had a chance to chat with FIFA 11 producer David Rutter about the major changes to the game and what we can expect when it’s released later this month. Look for our full interview with Rutter later today."

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Nate-Dog2939d ago

C'mon EA what is this rubbish? The exact same features were in FIFA 10 and FIFA 09 (and probably earlier games too). Stop feeding us information about new things in the game when they're the exact same as before.

topdawg1222939d ago

Fifa 10 was great improvement over 09 and I don't see this being any different. With the new control your goalkeeper controls, I hope I don't give up some lame goals because of the wierd goalkeeper a.i.
I'm sure this game won't dissapoint.
Add me on psn if anyone want to get down.

fafoon2939d ago

The Defenders a Shotgun or somthing
Then we would see new and improved defending techniques

HOSe2939d ago


HOSe2939d ago

and after watching this i do not know how any of this is new for fifa 11

hill712939d ago

where are the horses for these jockeys

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