Top Gun Now Available on PlayStation Network, PlayStation Home Bonus Available for Early Adopters

Paramount Digital Entertainment has today announced that Top Gun is now available in Europe for download on PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3. Based on the iconic film, Top Gun is a free-flying air combat shooter that expands the legend of Maverick, Iceman and the rest of the Top Gun flyers through new dialogue and combat scenarios written by the film’s screenwriter, Jack Epps, Jr.

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MmaFanQc2990d ago

the game suck....

(Stop Danger Zone theme)

knifefight2990d ago

Hopefully it comes with a towel to reinact the dozens of shower scenes from the movie of the same name.

kevco332990d ago

That was actually quite funny! I;ve got a wet towel with your name on it knifefight! *watoosh* *watoosh*

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wray772990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Home is still around? How about Qore, is that still around? I wonder how long plus will be around. For all of Lives charges, it's been consistent. That's why I don't mind paying. It appears like the playstation camp is constantly scrambling. I'm sure I'll get a ton of disagrees, and trolling accusations.I'm not anti-sony or pro-ms. And as an honest question, does the psn network have one username for all online games? I assume so since you have trophies.

rdgneoz32990d ago

Back to the cave troll.

p.s. PSN is still free, Qore and PS+ are all "optional". Unlike the 360, you don't need to pay $60 a year to play online. And actually use the system so you know a little about what you're talking about when you feel like trolling.

ISKREEM2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Edit: Oops, my bad. Meant for this to be a direct reply.

Yes, Home and Qore are still around. Infact, i'm watching Qore episode 28 right now. Even got the PSone classic Warhawk from it for free.

And yes, your PSN ID is used for all online games. The only game that doesn't is Metal Gear Online. Why Konami decided to use their horrible ID system is beyond me.

rdgneoz32990d ago

That was the one thing I hated about MGO, their damn ID system.

wray772990d ago

Thanks for the reply. The only thing I heard of before was Konami so I thought it was all like that. Definitely going to get a ps3 when I need a blu-ray player. And as for rdgneoz3, not trolling asking the people who know, an honest question.

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