PlayStation 3 Slim vs. Xbox 360 S - Launch Sales Comparison

"The two HD consoles, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, have both released a new slimmer model in the last year. The PS3 Slim released in 2009. The Xbox 360S was released in 2010. It won’t be a perfect comparison as they were released at different times of the year and one had a price drop while the other did not..."

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bmw692936d ago

Great analysis. It's interesting that despite the price drop on PS3 slim, it didn't perform much better than the 360 slim which was merely a new model.

8-bit2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Nice job on the spin man /s

2936d ago
Red_Orange_Juice2936d ago

If those are true, it's clear PS3 sells better BUT it was launched later

Heartnet2936d ago

Sc2 compared to a console sale comparison has relevence becuzzzz?

Apollyn2936d ago

Because Vgchartz is quite frankly, Shit

hudsoniscool2936d ago

get ur facts striaght. vg doesnt use shipped numbers like blizzard, they use sold numbers. also they dont use digital copies and blizzard does.

acky12936d ago

then whats the point of vgchatz... just think of the number of digital copies of 360S's and PS3S's that have been aquired and yet not taken into account in these figures!

bmw692936d ago

Wtf? Digital copies of consoles? The VGChartz figures for Starcraft II don't include sales, just retail copies. Simple.

2936d ago
bmw692936d ago

Actually, I've seen Codemasters, Square-Enix and many other publishers source VGChartz in financial reports and statements. I've also seen loads of articles using VGChartz source data.

Its you, sir, who don't know what you're talking about.

2936d ago


''Wtf? Digital copies of consoles?''

You're not much familiar with sarcasm, are you?

rockleex2936d ago

Brought it to you guys!


NoOoB1012936d ago

Vgchartz is estimates..even says so on their site

Heres a link proving that they are nothing but guesses..

Third paragraph under "content on our Site"

"We do not guarantee the accuracy, the integrity, or the quality of the content on our sites, and you may not rely on any of this content. Without limitation, we are not responsible for postings by users in the user opinion, message board, feedback or other sections of our sites."

So stfu about vgchartz being accurate -_-

bjornbear2935d ago


*goes out and sells PS3, buys 360 Slim*

wait...its VGCHARTZ?!

*smacks himself, goes back, gets PS3 back and gives 360 Slim away*

my bad, for a second I thought I was playing on the worst console

Commander_TK2935d ago

Who gives a shit really? Except the fanboys of course

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Thatguy-3102936d ago

new model with a price tag of 300$ just like the ps3 slim at the end even though when u count the price cut it doesnt make a difference because when u look at it it was priced similar to the xbox360.... so at the end ps3 slim did perform better than the 360 slim

fr0sty2936d ago

yup, they fail to mention that 360 DID get a price cut. All of those sales WERE NOT just xbox 360 slims, but also the reduced price old 360s as well.

and again, here we have a pro-360 article from vgchartz... notice how nobody is bothering to complain about their credibility? funny huh? post an article that says "ps3 outsells 360" and use vgchartz as a reference, and all of the sudden they're crap that can't be trusted.

trunkswd2936d ago

It was mentioned. You just didn't read the article very carefully.
"The old PS3 models cost $300, while the old X360 models received a $50 price drop on June 14, to $150 and $250."

Sony3602936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

They should have just compared all versions of the console sales to avoid this bitching.

Actually I tell a lie, every single "comparison" article will inevitably get bitched at.

tacosRcool2936d ago

and what about all the people who had their old white 360s and bought new ones because they came out?

Sony3602936d ago

Just better versions of every multi plat game and the library of games your pretending don't exist on it.

Next question.

Odin7772936d ago

@Sony360 Contrary to popular belief not every 360 multiplat game is better than its PS3 counterpart. And the ones that are worse usually aren't that great of games anyway...except Bayonetta but even that's not unplayable on the PS3. You also fail to mention the many games that are better on the PS3 compared to the 360, ex: Final Fantasy XIII, Eternal Sonata, Star Ocean, Vanquish, etc.

number472936d ago

Right, so the slim offers multiplatform games with slight differences and 900 JRPG's that score 50/100.

While the PS3 offers bluray/Better scoring+quality games/free online play, and multiplatform games.

Yeah, enjoy the library of terrible mediocrity. You get what you pay for.

Kurt Russell2935d ago

PS3 doesn't play the Halo or Gears series... Which is enough alone to make my 360 worth the purchase.

Fuck you guys are a ball ache. I bought a PS3 to play it's exclusive... they've taken a lot less hours of my time... FUCK!!! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE, SOMEONE HAS AN ALTERNATIVE PREFERENCE"""&q uot;""""2 akjgsqwjkdkjlwe

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Poseidon2936d ago



Motorola2936d ago

true that. Where was i when this happened?

tigertom532936d ago

VGA charts Year to date

PS3 37,288,193
X360 42,711,755

it's now 5,423,562

Death24942936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Sony announced at e3 that they have sold over 37million consoles and VGchartz still hasn't adjusted their records to this. That was back in June.
Sony e3 press conference blog

bmw692936d ago

Thing is, Sony figures are sold to retail, VGChartz figures are sold to consumer. The difference represents units in stores.

skrug2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

yet vgchats # for 360 is the same # as Microsoft's shipped #?

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bmw692936d ago

VGChartz data is retail-only, Blizzard's includes sales via

It's not that hard to understand.

OGharryjoysticks2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Don't fall in love with the numbers because they don't represent the install base in this case. All it means is lots of people re-purchased the 360. On the other hand the PS3 had a price drop thus making it more affordable to certain people who were priced out before thus actually increasing the "new" PS3 customers.

Tinted Eyes2936d ago

Meh VGchartz, their numbers are unreliable

EvilBlackCat2936d ago

When Vgchartz shows that the PS3 is selling better than the competition...

WE CAN TRUST Vgchartz!!!

BUT when is all the way around

Vgchartz is SHIT!!!


rockleex2936d ago

When VG Chartz are in favor of PS3, you just know how much BETTER the PS3 is doing than even what VG Chartz says.

elpresador2936d ago

....then their numbers are usually spot on but if they EVER show anything MS that is better than SONY then VG Charts is a crap web site that doesnt know WTF they are doing.

I am getting so disinterested in gaming this gen due to the fact that even probably more so then the SNES vs Genesis days fanboys/fantards are so over abundant and are so, well, retarded, that they just suck the joy out of gaming. Makes you wish people would just play what they like and respect people that may not agree with them but alas, fanboys think it is more important to prove their chosen side is better than the other as opposed to things that really matter lie the environment, curing cancer, and other things that, you know, actually MATTER in life.

LoveSpuds2935d ago

.....ignoring all this bullshit and enjoying games on your preferred system.

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naznatips2936d ago

Pretty interesting. Both were big upgrades from their predecessors.

roguewarrior2936d ago

Love those flash card readers,4usb ports,Full hardware B.C., cool touch, power, eject buttons, SACD support( Pink Floyd Dark S.O.T.Moon 5.1 losslesss). 60GB the pinnacle of PS3, well worth the $600

PopEmUp2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

and you know what with all those feature been taken out, the Ps3 is still a better value than the 360 lol

TheGameLlama2936d ago

Oh, Japan... will nothing make you buy a 360?

gtamike2936d ago ShowReplies(10)
BeardedGamerShow2936d ago

One got prettier, one got uglier. Obviously that didn't factor in.

Graphics2936d ago

yea that ps3 slim is ugly, Im always thinking of buying one but when i see the design compared to my 60gb, i refuse..

Shadow Flare2936d ago

I prefer the 60gb too but seeing the slim in real life, it actually doesn't look that bad. The front looks quite nice, and that's the only part of it you see really

corneliuscrust2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Is where it's at.

Can't stand matte finish. Makes it seem cheap, no matter what console it is