Is the Hardcore Gamer Hurting Video Game Culture?

2010 has been a year that video game fans won’t soon forget. The year has been stacked with one triple-A title after another – and to say that the last eight months have been a little hard on the ol’ wallet would be an understatement.

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Aleusia3023d ago

It depends on your definiton of hardcore.

whydoyouask3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Gaming is an ever expanding medium. It also changes all the time. The reason people hate the Wii is because they have almost abandoned their hardcore following for the likes of the casual crowd; releasing games from their core franchises every 3 years or so to keep them confined.

Also, yes, story does matter. Why wouldn't it matter? Games are the new medium to tell the story you want to tell. Stories don't limit the gameplay, they enhance it. Story gives the gameplay a meaning. It gives you a reason to do the things you are supposed to do.

It's too bad that i can't really say the same for graphics though...

But to get to the main point. No, the hardcore gamer is not hurting gaming culture. It can't because without the Hardcore Gamer we wouldn't have gaming at all. Hardcore gaming IS gaming culture; much more so than the casual gamer.


It's because what gaming means to them.

Gaming is not just some form of entertainment to us, it a lifestyle. It's staying up till 5 in the morning playing Halo, even though you have work to work in 2 hours.

It's waiting in line at the midnight release of the Next God of War game at your local Gamestop.

It's having an escape that keeps us whole as the rest of the world tries to kick us and make us conform to the people who say "It's just a game."

That's what being hardcore is, and that is what being a true gamer is.