Analysts on Madden PS3 vs 360: Fault of Sony or EA?

Sony's PlayStation 3 may be more powerful than the Xbox 360, but you wouldn't know it from playing Madden 08. UBS analyst Ben Schachter thinks this negative perception is a pretty big deal for Sony's console, while Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter believes the issue's been overblown.

Michael Pachter: "The PS3 is a fantastic console, and anyone who has one knows it's awesome. The Xbox 360 is also fantastic, but has no Blu-ray playback, and has been plagued with warranty issues. One would think that stupid analysts would be writing about the 360 warranty issue, and how people will avoid that box until they can be assured that they won't see the 'three red rings of death.' I love my PS3 (and love my 360), and can't wait to watch 300 in 1080p."

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ItsDubC3935d ago

Schachter? Pachter?

I don't think EA is lazy but I do think it is their fault. EA has no excuse to make Madden '08 subpar.

s8anicslayer3935d ago

whatever the reason the madness needs to stop, if ea doesn't shape up just stay away from ea products, 2k sports anyone?

MikeGdaGod3935d ago

"One would think that stupid analysts would be writing about the 360 warranty issue, and how people will avoid that box until they can be assured that they won't see the 'three red rings of death."

thats for all those that had something to say about my 'ring of death' story

MK_Red3935d ago

lol: Patcher VS Schachter

Also, Patcher finally shows some love to PS3: "I love my PS3 (and love my 360), and can't wait to watch 300 in 1080p."

XxZxX3935d ago

Peter moore just join EA. Coincidence or not?

MK_Red3935d ago

Good one. But while I believe that Moore may have MS effect on EA, these games have been in works for a long time and thus the blame should be on EA's laziness not Peter Moore's MS support.

sajj3163935d ago

This coupled with a Madden advertisement blitz with nice big old Xbox 360 symbol at the end of it. If its not 2K sports than I hope they bring back NFL GameDay. Build it for the PS3. Blow the subpar Madden out of the water.

I will do everything in my power to stop people from buying this crap.

Hatchetforce3935d ago

Peter Moore was at EA before Madden went gold on each system. He has final say in releases. Either his briefers lied to him, he made a bad call, or he did it intentionally.

Either way he is the captain of the ship and when the helmsman hits an iceberg, it is his responsibility. He needs to step up to the plate, lean into the pitch and take one for the team.

SlippyMadFrog3935d ago

Why would Peter Moore cripple his own company by purposely making the PS3 games bad??? He does not work for MS anymore, he don't care. All that he cares about now is that EA makes as much money as they can. Please stop thinking like kids and grow up.
What probably happened was that they weighed up the cost of optimizing the PS3 version VS the install base of the PS3 and how much money they can potentialy make. Remember that the games attatch rate is much higher for the 360 than the PS3.
10 million Xbox360 X 4 games per console AGAINST
4 million PS3's X 1 game per console

If you where the boss of EA, what would you have done?

SWORDF1SH3935d ago

he makes a good point. ea is a buisness. and they have to do what they have to do to get maximum profit. ps3 jus aint worth spendin millions more to get it up to standard with the 360. ea have to watch what they are doing thou coz they are startin to p*ss off the customers quickly and that might affect them in the long run. but for the mean time they are doing what they need to do to get as much money as they can.

Bathyj3934d ago

Maybe Peter Moore's spent too much time playing Splinter Cell and he thinks he's a Double Agent for M$.

Seriously, I dont think Peter Moore handicapped the PS3 version. EA just are too reliant on their, make one game to fit all platforms (or squeeze one peg through every shaped hole) philosophy.

I guess they just need more time to realize XB and PS3 are two different platforms and need to be worked on as such. Probably expect the whole EA sports range to be the same this year, but given the flak they're getting I think they might pull their fingers out next year and put the appropriate effort in. Especially if PS3's market share has improved by then, since it would behoove EA to do so.

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cloud3603935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

I recomend everyone reding this:

go to and search ea. This company disgust me. a "hostile act" buying 11% of their rival UbIsOFt + more

SpenserTracy3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Thank you for the tip. EA must be the devil itself.

caffman3935d ago

Wikipedia is the fountain of all knowledge and 100% true all the time

Xbox 360 Will3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

E A = L A Z Y

Now on to a different Topic.

MK_Red3935d ago


They should change their name from EA to EAZY or LA (Lazy Arts).

MK_Red3935d ago

Thanks [email protected]
Also, good one risk lEAzy.

EA could becomes slEAzy!

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