PS3 Hackers: THIS desperate for e-peen growth

Sarcastic Gamer: Oh good golly gosh. I thought that PS3 hackers — now outed by this morning’s 3.42 firmware update — were simply using devices like PSJailbreak for horrible, illegal and ultimately ulterior motives: running pirated games, generally avoiding paying for things, et cetera.

Lord no! The truth appears to be so, so much worse…

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Red_Orange_Juice2990d ago

I read that hackers got jailbreak working on 3.42 already

PopEmUp2990d ago

is that mean back to square 1?

raztad2990d ago

no link because it didnt happen.

Thecraft19892990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Not true at all the update is rumored and was said by the jailbreak team who are not be trusted at all but if you where to believe them the update is due next week along with backupmanager 1.1.

Red_Orange_Juice2990d ago

Sorry, it was a misleading info plus misinterpretation. Sorry again.

BeeAreWhyAyeEn2990d ago

there has been a way, since about a year ago, to get past the restrictions of new firmware and still sign into PSN.

Some genius hackers out there found a way to do this to use the "OtherOS" feature after it was removed, now it allows them to continue in their pirating.

zeeshan2990d ago

@above: Really? Are you sure about that? It'd be interesting to see how hackers do that.

I guess they use a proxy or something but it is something Sony can easily block. That is why I am amazed to see hackers being able to access PSN without having to upgrade the firmware. A year is a long time and perhaps they found a way that Sony couldn't block. Really, would love to see the source.

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ArcFatalix2990d ago

hope I dont want these hackers and 360 fanboys anywhere near my PS3.

HarryMonogenis2990d ago

What makes you think that Xbox 360 users will want to pirate games off of the Playstation 3.

I own both console, and while I prefer Xbox Live over Playstation Network, I would never think of trying to hack the Playstation 3.

number472990d ago

Since the PS3 has higher rated titles?

yewles12990d ago

You know they'll be like drug dealers trying to force free games down EVERY PS3 owner's throat, just to hurt the company.


kasasensei2990d ago

More and more pathetic each day.

earbus2990d ago

much like kinnecto bash^^^^

Silly gameAr2990d ago

What? Dude, that's a lame thing to compare this to. Twisted.

kevnb2990d ago

before firmware downgrades and custom firmware versions are available, just like psp.

raztad2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

what make you think so?

kevnb2990d ago

but never released since it didnt do anybody any good at the time. Why let sony try and block it?

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