Eurogamer: Mass Effect 2: Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker review

Eurogamer: Nine months after launch, and Mass Effect 2 finally has a DLC offering to compare with Dragon Age: Awakenings. Not in terms of size – Lair of the Shadow Broker still takes the best part of an evening to polish off – but as a showcase for the strengths of both parent game and BioWare itself. This is a solid, thrilling, satisfying addition to an already expansive universe; one that leaves you on an appropriate note of hopeful melancholy.

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DA_SHREDDER2990d ago

So is this gonna be on the the ps3 version launch disc?

Red_Orange_Juice2990d ago

every ME news now contains PS3 comments

Acquiesce2990d ago

The Mass Effect series is on the PS3 now. Deal with it.

Bloodyghost2990d ago

its a PS3 fanboy infested site. Deal with it and also many want it this pinnacle of arts on there PS3, wouldnt blame them...its great.

SeanRL2990d ago

It's a fanboy infested site. The ps3 fanboys just have slightly higher numbers.

hudsoniscool2990d ago

and i am happy mass effect is comming to ps3. the game is so amazing.

mrcash2990d ago

its a fair question, I already played it me2 on xbox but haven't purchased any dlc, if the ps3 version comes with tons of extras i'll be picking it up again.

x5exotic2990d ago

and why are you jealous
beside his comment has no fanboyism its just that YOUR fanboyism makes you feel defeated or sth,just deal with it dude

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2990d ago
belowradar2990d ago

It only took me 3 hours from start to finish. Great story but not worth the $10 price tag. If it would've been the 580 point DLC like the others I would've said yeah 9/10, but the price and length of time knocks off at least another point for me.

BeaArthur2990d ago

It's twice as long for only $3 more than the other DLC. How is it not a better value?

BeaArthur2990d ago

Yeah that's what I said, the previous 2 were only about an hour and a half.

DarkFantasy2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

3 hours is bad for dlc ?,most dlc's iv played took me 30 mins to beat,3 hours is great! imo :)

ElementX2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

$10 for 3 hours of entertainment is a great value. Say you go to a movie: Ticket $8, popcorn $4.50, pop $3.50, right there you spend $16 for a 1.5-2 hour movie.

What about going out to dinner? You can easily spend $40 for food/drinks at a moderately priced establishment and only sit there a couple hours.

TheColbertinator2990d ago

Cool.I'll pick this up today

Trroy2990d ago

The PS3 version of ME2 gets better and better each day.

mintaro2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Except they wont know who the hell Liara is.

Below guy: Maybe so, but they wont be able to condense an entire game, into a simple introduction, it simply wont have the same gravity that the game had.

MegaMohsi2990d ago

PS3 version is getting a redone intro so they can catch up on what happened in the first Mass Effect.

bobcostus2990d ago

Mass Effect 1 has 30-40 hours of content (counting side missions, which are continued and mentioned in ME2), you cant expect a redone intro to explain all that content in its entirety.

The decision to move Mass Effect 2 to PS3 is purely a business decision, and I don't blame them at all. However, if you play ME2 without fully experiencing Mass Effect 1, you won't be able to fully appreciate the characters or the story.

Not to mention you can't carry a save file over, which has dramatic effects on your story and your game. There are characters that you interact with in major ways in the second game, that aren't even alive if you play a certain way in Mass Effect 1.

I want Mass 2 on my PS3 for the trophies, I just can't purchase it without feeling that they are just trying to get peoples money and don't really care that they don't really get the whole experience. It really sucks that Microsoft published Mass 1.

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