Analyst: Strong Multiplayer To Drag Down Monthly NPD Results?

Despite soaring hardware sales and relatively easy year-over-year comparisons, analysts say August's NPD U.S. retail game revenues -- due out this Thursday -- are likely to show another decline for the game industry -- and that the longevity of popular multiplayer games is the cause.

Robust multiplayer modes have been quintessential to the success of many games, particularly those in the competitive first-person shooter category.

In that genre, in fact, many gamers have begun to purchase titles like Halo and Call of Duty primarily for those modes, leading developers to create much more minimal single-player modes than they would for titles that depended less on multiplayer.

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xYLeinen2993d ago

Yea. Halo Reach, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor. Enough said really, I'm not in any means saying how much they will drag down sales of other games together, but they will surely drag down sales this fall all together.