EA: Online Pass is about emphasizing value of online play, not used game sales

Used game sales have pushed many third-party publishers to charge additional money for services, such as online play. While Electronic Arts was the first company to introduce this strategy, the software publisher recently said that their Online Pass was more about emphasizing the value of online play, rather than fighting second-had games sales.

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DA_SHREDDER2995d ago

I agree. It cost them manpower and maintenance cost just to have online, I dont see why it would be wrong for them to charge especially when you noobs only play the online most of the time. Quit being parasites and maybe EA and other publishers wouldn't have to go to such extremes to keep the cog turning.

Philoctetes2995d ago

then EA would charge EVERYBODY an extra $10 (or whatever) to play online, not just people who bought used copies. The fact that they impose this charge only on secondhand buyers and not on new game buyers completely contradicts the idea that it's about online.

That said, I think it's only a matter of time before we start seeing that kind of online surcharge. XBL proves that people are willing to pay a surprisingly large amount of money for online gaming. When COD adopts a monthly subscription fee and people cough it up, I'm guessing that something like this will become pretty standard pretty quickly.

gauntletpython2995d ago

I'm against $10 passes, but I also think the used market sucks for game developers. I still think they should have a three-month buffer period between when a game launches and when it can be sold used - a similar period between the theatrical release of a movie with its DVD launch.

Gamer Muzz2995d ago

The retail price (MSRP)of games already went up $10 this year.
on top of that, if it wasn't about used games, then why does it only apply to used games?
I'll do you one better. they're doing it with games that are not only seeing massive profits on and increased profits every year, but the same games that have NO R&D at all.

Do you guys know how much EA made last year? (this information is From their own website!)
NET REVENUE! (that's money after everything is paid) for the fiscal year 2009 was 4.212 billion dollars. At a 15% increase over 2008. it's consistently rising. that's after they pay to create and support their online service too.
that's after John Riccitiello (CEO of EA) gets his $770,000+ salary for the year.
That's AFTER EVERYTHING is paid for. 4.212 billion. Not million, not hundred million...Billion.

And they want $10 from you if you buy the game used. God forbid you live on a budget while the big wigs at EA make hundreds of thousands a year and turn multi billion dollar profits. LOL They're punishing the used game market and don't let them tell you otherwise.

IneedWeed2995d ago

The CEO of EA only makes $770,000 a year? Damn that's less than I expected from the company that banks off Madden each year. That game has been virtually the same since 2007. They always add/take out features, but the game has been the same. What does it take to make $1 Mill a year? Charge an extra $10 for online services for games. Lol sucks for XBL users they got to pay extra to play online and also pay for XBL.

Gamer Muzz2995d ago

You're right. There is NO R&D in any of the EA sports titles. it's last years game with some tweaks, new players, stats, and some fresh paint.
they could offer the new stuff as a $20 DLC for last years game and it would be JUST as good.
But they don't.

and it sucks for everyone. XBL players, PSN players and PSN+ players. why? because it's just not right for anyone to have to pay that $10.

gauntletpython2995d ago

That's just his base salary, I'm sure he makes another million or two with stock options and bonuses for hitting his set milestones.

Ziriux2995d ago

I'm getting sick of EA again.