Halo: Reach UK Price Comparison

NowGamer investigates the best pre-order deals, bundles and prices for Halo: Reach in advance of Tuesday's launch - "If you, like millions of other gamers around the globe, are looking to buy Halo: Reach next week, you might want to shop around to see where to get the best pre-order deal ahead of the official launch on Tuesday. As luck would have it, we’ve done the shopping around for you and dug deep into the bowels of game retail to see which game stores, websites and supermarkets are doing the best deals on Halo: Reach."

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JohnApocalypse3020d ago

HMV also has the Recon Helmet

TROLL EATER3020d ago

tesco entertainment £27 but with no bonus content

fastrez3020d ago

...just tempted to wait and see what the supermarkets sell it at? They always try to one-up each other with these kind of games anyway. It's like price war low can they go?

SixZeroFour3020d ago

and gamers win with those kind of competitions :)

peeps3020d ago

Ordered from HMV. 800 ms points plus it's cheapish at £37.99.

when i ordered though it took some money off for a discount taking it down to £35. Not sure what the discount was about, perhaps cus of a past purchase but can't complain

Why o why3020d ago

with over a years worth of xbl....steal....finding link now

peeps3020d ago

thats not the game. thats just a 12 month subscription with some halo reach adverts on it and an extra 2 months of live

smithdown3020d ago

I'm getting Move for my PS3 the same week, so I think I might skip Reach for a few weeks. I'm shocking myself by saying that, but I'm just not as bothered by this as I was by Halo 3. Halo 3 was what made me buy an xbox for gawd's sake!
I dunno, Reach hasn't grabbed me yet (pardon the pun), but I'm hoping a mate will get it so I can see what it's like.
As for pricing - I'm betting Asda will be your best bet for the first couple of days, then Sainsburys will keep it reasonably low for a few weeks. Tesco always seem to overprice their games.

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The story is too old to be commented.