Resolution: Enslaved Hands-On Preview

Resolution's Sinan Kubba writes: Compared to the Monkey that graced our TV sets in the late 70s with his cheeky grin, emphatic forehead slaps and sideshow array of expressions, the Monkey of Enslaved is a right miserable git.

Well, compared to most people he would be a miserable git, but he’s still worlds apart from the thick sideburns and even thicker accent which many of us associate with Monkey. Enslaved is going for a more mature interpretation of the Chinese story Journey to the West, which is a shame as I think some funky old school fighting music wouldn’t have gone amiss – because it never goes amiss.

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shoinan2992d ago

Hopefully the game to really put Ninja Theory on the map.

Haly2992d ago

Fingers crossed.

I really enjoyed Heavenly Sword but I know quite a few people who weren't so keen.

LeonSKennedy4Life2992d ago


This will probably be a sleeper hit, unfortunately. :(

I can't wait to play this though!

DigitalRaptor2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

It is unfortunate. In fact, I was guilty of overlooking it very until recently. I thought it looked meh until I saw some of the most recent gameplay.

It looks amazing.

Well done Ninja Theory. You may have run your mouths a few times and acted a little bit arrogant, but you've definitely made a great game! =D

earbus2992d ago

Big fan of the show i watched every week be great to irrepressible like monkey hope there is some cool refrences.

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