Purchase an Xbox 360 & get 2 free arcade games

If you have not picked up an Xbox 360 yet and wanted to get some free stuff, go to create your own set up at and you can score yourself two free Xbox Live arcade games with your purchase.

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alexander22rednaxela3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

hahhahahah WHAT? MS what about 2 free full GAMES instead, I do not think this is something that will make more people buy 360`s.
PS3 sees sales rise largely due to free games witch give the console a persieved higher value.

drunkpandas3986d ago

There's 2 free games being packed in 360 bundles this Holiday season, so this is probably just throw away stuff for Microsoft trying to boost sales.

fiercescuba3986d ago


I agree man. What about throwing like a platinum series game, not some half assed XBLA arcade.

sticky doja3986d ago

give new purchasers their choice of arcade games instead of those two crap titles.