Ruse played with PlayStation Move - "it work's great" (HD-Video)

Ruse played with PlayStation Move - watch the new video in HD:

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THC CELL2901d ago

I see the move works great with the level of light coming into the room

bjornbear2901d ago

this is rare.

f*ck this site. at least embedded video.

oh well, it seems to work great, but it looks a bit board game RTS =S

brazilianbumpincher2901d ago

theres been many times they have reviewed multi-plat games and scored ps3 lower,but strangely with ff they scored them both the same

so they are not going to give ruse an extra point for move control ign are very biased

ryuzu2901d ago

in case you don't speak the language

Red_Orange_Juice2901d ago

oh now we can see those fucktards who steal youtube vids

WildArmed2901d ago

I was just asking this question in the IGN review of Ruse.
Glad to see the implementation went smoothly (atleast from what I understand!)

fooltheman2901d ago

yeah I think Move should've caused for maybe some points more, because it adds choice to ps3, and a better controlscheme...

Why o why2901d ago

if it was the other way around....remember an instance when a reviewer expressed that one version was better than its counterpart due to achievements when the ps3 version had none....selective journalism

blusoops2901d ago

Some reviewers graded the PS3 version higher for that very reason...choice of controls.

Nowgamer is an example.

Why o why2901d ago

no disrespect to Nowgamer but will any of the 'major sites' follow suit ...i doubt it

gypsygib2901d ago

Nice to see that Move works well with real games.

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The story is too old to be commented.