Sony’s “Yay Buttons” Web Page Takes Massive Stab At Kinect’s Lack Of Buttons

We already posted a little earlier about the fantastic “sensitive fireman” campaign that Sony is running for the Playstation Move, but after further inspection, Reese, the reader who sent us the links found an interesting page called “Yay Buttons”.

The page is an interactive flash animation that shows only a Move controller and instructions to press a button, what happens after that is a long bout of hilarious fun-poking at Microsoft’s new button-free, controller-free motion sensing device.

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TheLeprachaun2967d ago

Immature more like. While it's kind of funny, I expect more decorum from such a big company. This is coming from someone is not a fan of Kinect at all by the way.

Ognipode2967d ago

Yeah, while I also think it's pretty funny, you would think that they were happy enough with their product to have to resort to this sort of thing.

ActionBastard2967d ago

Funny as hell. They'd be fools to NOT talk about all the snake oil MS is trying to sell.

Mr_Bun2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

What's funnier than Sony's site, is the Xbox faithfuls coming here and calling out Sony for not taking the 'moral high road'...Meanwhile they seem to revel whenever Greenburg opens his mouth not only taking shots at the competition, but spreading outright lies.

Hypocrisy at its finest

acky12967d ago

no matter what console you prefer. It makes it all the more funny that it is as big a company as sony that did it because it is unexpected. This has been going on in the gaming industry from the start, companies taking cheap shots at one another...this is the best I've seen (along with the dumping of guitar hero guitars into a volcano).

TheLeprachaun2967d ago

Actually I'm no 'xbox faithful'. I'm a games journalist and have no preference of one console over the other. I dislike Kinect and amn't the biggest fan of Move, but it can be enjoyable. However, the way Sony is acting with this marketing campaign is moronic to say the least.

Oh wait, I forgot I'm not allowed say anything negative about Sony on N4G without being labelled a fanboy/xbot/xbox faithful.

BeeAreWhyAyeEn2967d ago

First off shut up if you're complaining, because this entire site for playstation move is hilarious, I clicked through the whole thing until it started over, absolutely HILARIOUS.


@TheGinger: If you don't like the people on this site calling you an xbot/fanboy, quit posting things that are obviously going to end in negative feedback from everyone else, jesus, its pretty [email protected] obvious when you're about to post something, if its going to get negative remarks afterwords...

acky12967d ago

You can't tell him not to post or to change his views because he will get negative feedback...if he had any respect for himself he would keep posting what he thinks no matter what people say or how many disagrees he gets.

On the other hand @TheLeprachaun, take a joke man. Leave aside your gaming journalism for a second and have a good laugh at this very funny web page.

Mr_Bun2967d ago

"I'm a games journalist and have no preference of one console over the other..."

You sir, are a liar. I'd like to point out while you don't outright say "MS/360 is teh best", your attempts at stealth trolling are rather weak.

poopface12967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

using the same example, all of you sony fanboys Bitch, moan, cry, and rant every time greenburg makes a stupid comment. Sony does it and its "wonderful and hilarious."

Thats hypocrisy. If you think this is gonna sell moves, then you must also believe that greenburgs comments help move 360s too. Ohh, but you know that greenburgs stupid comments make microsoft look bad, just like this makes sony look bad to any non-sony fanboy.

Personally, I think belittling any product in order to promote yours is simply showing fear and a lack of confidence that your product is strong enough to stand on its own.

I dont care what company or what product it is, I want companies to focus on making me want there product, not make me dislike a competitors product in hope that they will buy their's instead.

lovestospoodge2967d ago

cheat codes!
well kinect can do that...BACKFLIP!

Mr_Bun2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Another member of the 360 defense it's a party.

While I shouldn't have to point out the intended humour that coincides with idea of "Kevin Butler", the fact that it is only people like you who are getting offended, really amplifies the lack of comprehension that plagues today's youth.

Again, this is a playful jab without lying or distorting numbers. While this may offend some people, do not misconstrue this with the the distorted facts from team Xbox.

gaffyh2967d ago

Lol I can just imagine KB saying all those things, some good points between the jokes too.

bjornbear2967d ago

some people here still haven't gotten the Kevin Butler Marketing Campaign have they?

some people here are truly limited =P

its part of the marketing image. kevin butler is meant to be obnoxious and slightly aggressive, if not even a little childish

thats the scenario, the concept.

if you don't like it, fine, but its not SONY who are making this, its a marketing company, and i have to say it is tasteful.

I do love it how when MS and MS related companies talk sh!t (thats what they are famous for) and smear campaign everything (who started those "this vs that vs the other thing" charts? = MS did) its ok, its funny, its business, its how it works

when sony does it " expect more decorum from such a big company."

i'd expect more decorum from such big hypocrites xD

nycredude2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I read every comment that pops up after clicking while simultaneously squirting coke out my nose and I didn't see anything that dissed Kinect. All the comments were about what buttons can do for gaming and what not, albeit in a humorous way. Only people who feels like it disses Kinect are people who feels insecure and knows deep down that Kinect needs buttons.

IMO of course.

Theonik2967d ago

You seem to have not heard of the Konami moonwalk...

TheLeprachaun2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )


2 articles made by me :

But of course, since I said something bad about Sony here, I simply must be a fanboy. Your ignorance astounds me.

poopface12967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

you people will never agree with me on thsi subject because its sony slinging the mud, but here is a dumb analogy.

To me motion controls are like eating shit. Natal is using only your hands for shit eating, which many would agree is undesirable. Having buttons is like having a fork to eat your shit with.

Its easier and more desirable to eat shit with a fork, most everyone would agree. But even with a fork im not going to eat shit.

Of course I dont think motion gaming is like eating shit. I just want to show how making one thing seem undesirable doesnt suddenly make the alternative more desirable.

PimpHandHappy2967d ago

would have been to call out Kinect by name!!! They didn't

ColdFire2967d ago

I think Kinect looks great, but this website is hilarious!

Mr_Bun2967d ago

Don't insult my intelligence. The only fanboys you call out systematically are Sony ones...Hyrius ring a bell? My favorite though is where you pretend to walk the fence then follow up with "....but if Sony were to do the same thing I bet everyone would think it's ok..." bullsh*t.

I don't know the competence level of the friends you keep, but you can't just make a couple of observations that may be deemed negative towards one console and expect that to fool people.

I'm not clicking your site to give you hits and I am insulted that you would almost instinctively think I would fall for something notoriously naive. You clearly favor the 360 (which is fine in itself) but to pretend that you don't solely for the purpose that you can appear objective, questions your integrity as a self proclaimed "journalist"

I agree...that was a "dumb analogy"

Pennywise2967d ago

I shake my head in amazement. NYcredude hit the nail on the head. It is supposed to be funny. There are a bunch of products on the market this webpage could be taking cheap shots at, but Sony took the high road and didn't call any out directly.

If you think it is about Kinect, you are probably right... you need buttons if you want to get off of the rails.

If you think it is about Ipod/Itouch/Touch phones in general, you are probably also right. Buttons give functionality.

But then again, the webpage is to point out the importance of buttons. Just because they are emphasizing buttons, doesn't mean they are taking cheap shots at anyone else. That is their selling point. Accuracy and BUTTONS. If you take offense, quit being so sensitive. Its a funny page... take it as that. Not Sony's fault your favorite game maker decided to produce a product Sony toyed with back in 1999. Sony knows what games need. They have been doing it long enough to put just a little trust in their hands.

And as for all of these "unbiased" N4G users... Bun is right. If you call out Sony fans or point out a situation where you say: "If this was MS, or if Xbox fans would have done this, it wouldnt be acceptable" You are only fooling yourself to claim you have no bias.

-Alpha2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )


What do you mean "Decorum"?

I think the mentioning of buttons is an excellent way to jab the competition. I love that kind of competition. There is nothing wrong with that.


Hey, I don't mean to defend the guy, but why do you have to call him an Xbot/bring up Greenberg?

Though I do find the ad funny, I do think he is entitled to his opinion, and I don't think it's fair to automatically label him a Xbox fan or to bring up Greenberg as if he may defend what Greenberg says.

And since you brought it up, anytime MS PR may say something that either jabs the competition or promotes themselves, this site tends to be a lot more critical. For example, Bungie calling Reach the most anticipated game.

However, when that kind of slogan is on the other shoe, this site tends to give a thumbs up of approval. That sort of hypocrisy (the one you bring up about Greenberg) is evident on both sides.

Anyways, I don't find it necessary to label Lep as an anti-Sony Xbot, but at the same time I wonder why he takes the ad so seriously.


"If you call out Sony fans or point out a situation where you say: "If this was MS, or if Xbox fans would have done this, it wouldnt be acceptable" You are only fooling yourself to claim you have no bias."

How is that claim proof of bias? Please explain. In order to fight against a dominant attitude or mindset you have to bring it up around here. This doesn't make you biased. It's easy for someone who sides with a majority to say this. It's ironic because I hear from many N4G veterans that MS fans dominated this site. I would assume you'd know what it feels like to share an opinion that counters that of the majority

Snoogins2967d ago

"You seem to have not heard of the Konami moonwalk... "

Snoogins2967d ago

The advertisement didn't explicitly say anything beyond the importance of buttons in game control, not mentioning specifically the competitive alternatives. To further the point, our (yours, mine and anyone else's) conclusions come from our own personal realizations. This advert and the series of Kevin Butler ads take this vague, yet strangely familiar approach, to advertising, leaving the interpretation to us, which essentially is the moral high road, though cleverly implied in otherwise what could be interpretted as childish or whimsical delivery. It's all about our own perceptions.

djfullshred2967d ago

Fanboys are such fragile, thin skinned creatures. Crack a few jokes about game hardware, and their psyche is shattered. Not that I am the kind of person to do it, but these drama queens are ripe for the picking to be messed with on forums. So easy to fish in.

syanara2966d ago

DOES ANYONE here have a backbone? at all? Being a video Game Journalists things like this are EVERYWHERE not just in gaming but in every single big name company out there and it happens all the time. There is no Business Moral to follow here it's the way of competition in the business world today. is it right to take cheap stabs at the competitors product? maybe not, but does it really matter what's right or wrong? it's all about competition in the console wars today. If you can't handle a few cheap shots from your competitor then you better find a way to get some backbone cuz its a tough industry world out there.

syanara2966d ago

Bare in mind that Not only did sony not call out kinect directtly (tho it was pretty obvious that it was about kinect) they also could be talking about the Eye Toy and their previous mistakes? (if you consider the Eye Toy a mistake) AND ANOTHER THING the comedy shown off in this web page is also an example of the audience that Sony is attracting. Do you really think that kids age 14-17 wouldn't find that funny? weather they know about kinect or not.

syanara2966d ago

Bare in mind that Not only did sony not call out kinect directly (tho it was pretty obvious that it was about kinect) they also could be talking about the Eye Toy and their previous mistakes? (if you consider the Eye Toy a mistake) AND ANOTHER THING the comedy shown off in this web page is also an example of the audience that Sony is attracting. Do you really think that kids age 14-17 wouldn't find that funny? weather they know about kinect or not.

syanara2966d ago

Bare in mind that Not only did sony not call out kinect directtly (tho it was pretty obvious that it was about kinect) they also could be talking about the Eye Toy and their previous mistakes? (if you consider the Eye Toy a mistake) AND ANOTHER THING the comedy shown off in this web page is also an example of the audience that Sony is attracting. Do you really think that kids age 14-17 wouldn't find that funny? weather they know about kinect or not.

kunit22c2966d ago

you xbox360 trolls will piss and moan about anything Sony won't you? OMG oh NO! are they actually COMPETEING!?!? whoa... I cant believe it! Its called fucking competition!.... and It must really hit a sore spot to see all of the Xbox Defense Force in here, and Jesus Christ its a fucking playful add, chill out its a playful add that actually has fact in it.

rockleex2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Pointing out the relevance of buttons in a funny way somehow = immature.

bviperz2966d ago

Sony has been doing it for years, they all have. Have you forgotten the PlayStation commercials where Crash Bandicoot is in front of the Nintendo building calling out the 'Plumber Boy'?! That was hilarious. Same concept, different medium. They all take jabs at each other in their own way. At least Sony tries to be funny about it.

Immortal3212966d ago

hypocrisy is everywhere. its in the air, schools, food, and cloths.

and its driving me crazy.

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fishd2967d ago

HAHA! That's awesome!

but tons!

gumgum992967d ago

lol, oh I see what they did there. I couldn't catch it the first time. ^_^

R2D22967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Show those immature Xbox Live kids how to act.

@below - that's exactly the point. If this was a MS commercial takeing jabs at Move majority of the comments would be against it.

I hope MS does not skoop to Sony's level and just let Sony have there laughs now - I would rather be the last to laugh instead of the first.

GrooveChampion2967d ago

If MS launched a funny ad campaign about literally being able to "Jump In" with Kinect, I'd chuckle and give them a big thumbs up.

PimpHandHappy2967d ago

they never said anything about Kinect! Thats a fact! Sony did not take a jab at Kinect. They just pointed out the greatness of buttons and if your a gamer you would agree that buttons are great for gaming

karl2967d ago


as if they could...

MS has the shittiest console on the market.... and kinect is a complete fail...

how is it they can make fun of move or the ps3?

the only thing they can brag about is sales... and by the way i keep hearing how they are adobe the competition in us every now and then

so STFU pls

GrooveChampion2967d ago

I'm no fan of Kinect, but if MS had a campaign that was this humorous, I'd be a fan of the marketing at least. Lighten up kids, it's videogames!

TheLeprechaun, if you're a games journalist, then perhaps you should write an article about how childish Sony is being. Then you can write an article about how austere and mature Microsoft has been in their adverts. Like the one about the strict schoolteacher/nun who may be a [email protected] in the classroom but loves to play Gears of War. It's videogames man, lighten up.

Karlnag32967d ago

then he can write an article about how "amn't" is apparently a word.

Sorry but it isn't so you're a pretty shit journalist Mr. TheLeprachaun.

xAlmostPro2967d ago

the best parts pressing it until it gets to "pew! pew! pew!" :L

Archdemon2967d ago

Butthurt fanboys

Butthurt fanboys everywere...

Kurt Russell2966d ago

All I'm seeing are nerds.

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jack_burt0n2967d ago

its self deprecation as much as anything else, they have already been there seen it.

T9X692967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I think Sony needs to start promoting the Move instead of making websites pointing out the obvious of Kinect not having buttons. Move launches what, like next week? Yet I haven't seen a single damn AD for it anywhere besides in my email or on the Playstation site. Where Kinect has been advertised all over the damn place and doesn't come out for a few more months. This is "cute" and all, but they really need to focus on promoting their product.

Pointing out the complete obvious of a camera not having buttons that's being used to eliminate buttons in a different gaming experience, and a half naked fireman isn't going to convince me to buy Move. Instead show me something that will want to make me put down a standard controller I been using for 16 years to play with this Motion controller.

GrooveChampion2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I don't know how big they need to go at this point. I think they can release a few low level ads and websites like this, and then let the Move simmer in a viral way for a month or so.

Since Kinect isn't out until much later, they have a few months of wiggle room. I wouldn't be surprised to see Sony advertise move for a week up to release, then here-and-there until the Coke ads kick in around Kinect Launch and into Christmas. They've been doing the Subway contest and lots of hands on stuff here in the states and the UK. They've sent them out via to get that viral fire going. Sony has even stated that they don't expect big day one numbers.

To your point about showing you the games, haven't they? I can name at least 4 titles I already own that will be upgraded with Move. Not to mention 4 or 5 new titles I want to pickup or will get in the future that support Move. Not just casual stuff either, but stuff like RUSE, MAG, Heavy Rain and Killzone. Just look around, they've been doing tech demos since E3 09 and there are tons of games that have shown their Move implementation. What more do you need to see?

DelbertGrady2967d ago

Looks at iPhone. Looks at iPad. Looks at title. Alrighty then...

ActionBastard2967d ago

Power Button. Volume buttons. Home button. Check mate.

user13372967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

you seem to have missed the point.

All be it the iphone and ipad dont have buttons as such (other than the home bottom, the volume buttons etc), they still make use of virtual buttons that you have to touch to activate. So technically even they are not button free...

@acky1: The difference is that on the iphone you physcially press the button to interact with whatever (even FPS games can be played on it). On the kinect however (while it would do well in some game types) you dont. For certain games this will be very hard to implement. Like in FPS's, they wont put symbols for walking, shooting, crouching...and then expect you to hover your hand over it for 5 seconds while it determines if that is indeed what you want it to do??? There is no physical interaction with what is being shown on screen. Thats the point I was trying to make.

acky12967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

that kinect obviously has virtual buttons too to interact with although you are right that the blatant xbot has missed the point.

Edit: no doubt it would be impossible to implement any decent game onto kinect, i'm not trying to argue that. it still will have virtual buttons in menus and such tho.

Who games with iphones and ipads anyway? They're shit.

fooltheman2967d ago

but with an ipad, you still push onto something...

acky12967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

but with kinect you still place your hand over a button and wait for it to select...same idea, although much worse and more unreliable it must be said.

zoks3102967d ago

I always argue that, what's the big deal about touchscreens when all they do is turn the buttons into virtual buttons...literally, which is cool, because now you have more free surface room on you small portable device.
The Kinect on the other hand, due to it's lack of buttons, is just an uber on rail video games only controller, not good if you ask me. All the Kinetic have are "on rails" games.

Pennywise2967d ago

Is acky really trying to say that holding your arm out in hopes of pushing a button you never really touch is the same as being able to touch something?

Is acky really trying to get a point across that kinect does in fact have buttons?

Have I entered wackoland in this comment thread?

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Strange_Evil2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Make a 20 million iPhone game and then lets see how well it sells...

Besides, Most high end iphone games have on screen 'Buttons' and the ones that don't have it are casual shovelware... Just cause iPod apps sells in numbers doesn't mean they are a raving success since most sell for 2-3$...

No one would shell out 30-40$ for an iphone game over lets say a PSP or DS... It's common sense.. The same implies with Kinect. It's ain't gonna sell a lot if it has just causal shovelware especially at that price tag and especially when 1 can get a Wii in the price of the camera alone.

rekof2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

bro you need buttons to play games,.. I don't care how intuitive you think you are,.. you need some manu-nerves-brain feedback,.. to have at least some complexity in interactions,..

even iPhone has at least something in your hand to make sensible touch interaction though there are very few titles that kind of work with such gimped interface,..

I think some technologies are great for handycapped people ,.. such as to be able to interact with eye - movement ,..

But believe me you will not be playing any great games with brain signals alone,.. for quite some time,..

ArchangelMike2967d ago

the screen is touch sensitive and simulates buttons, and button presses. Button slider to unlock screen. Button mapped to screen for keyboard functionality, touch relevant 'button' displayed on touch screen to select relevant music option, touch relevant screen 'buttons' to dialphone number etc etc etc...

If the iPod/iPad did not simulate button presses, you'd have to control it soley by using your voice, or by shaking/turning the device.

rwarner1742967d ago

The iPhone, iPad, Driod, all of them suck for standard gaming. Sure there is a game here or there that really works, but for the most part it sucks.

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Erotic Sheep2967d ago

LOL this site is so full of win!