Sony’s “Sensitive Fireman” Will Convince Your Significant Other To Buy Move writes - Sony has done something incredibly awesome. This morning Kevin Butler, VP of all things awesome at Sony, tweeted:

"Why convince that special someone that #PSMove is right for you when a sensitive fireman can do it for you?"

The site allows you to fill in some details on your target loved one, as well as even a picture of you only to have the website generate a hilarious video involving a sensitive fireman doing some personalised sweet-talking.

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Gray-Fox2788d ago

Didn't convince mine >_> Worth a try though.

TotalPS3Fanboy2787d ago

is hilarious. This is pure awesomeness!!!

sack_boi2787d ago

The shape alone should do the trick.

T9X692787d ago

You have VERY low standards if you think this is awesome.

Sheikh Yerbouti2787d ago

I think it is pretty funny. Just sent my ma one even though she wouldn't know what it is.

She just likes feeling connected with email...and sensitive firemen too.

sdtarm2787d ago

U r a big fail for me, and my Fail stantards are really HIGH believe ;)

TotalPS3Fanboy2787d ago

Dude, how could you not get the Sensitive Fireman joke? That sh*t is hilarious, man! You need to get a sense of humor, man. Stop being so serious all the time. LOL.

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Meowhammad2787d ago

@ T9X69

Agreed! This was just horrible

gamingdroid2787d ago

That is pretty horrible. Doesn't really say what the product is to the unsuspecting customer?

It's more to please the PS crowd than to inform. There have been other ads that are much better by Sony, me thinks.

harrisk9542787d ago

If the fireman didn't convince you, perhaps this will:

HeroXIV2787d ago

I didn't find this part of the site that funny. :\

UnSelf2787d ago

sry my wife loves her firemen rough

Godmars2902787d ago

Make sure she doesn't love him too much...

rekof2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

chuckle.... lololo put omega in there...

ps,.. cant really do some funny shit,.. but its kinda cool,..

Garrus_Vakarian2787d ago

I don't know man. The magic isn't working on me.

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The story is too old to be commented.