Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood: Auditore Edition now available in Europe

GamerZines writes:

Ubisoft have today revealed that they are to release, through their online UbiShop, an exclusive 'Auditore Edition' of their anticipated upcoming title, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

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kasasensei3018d ago

Ubi ruined the game... Assassin's Creed was great (even if the ps3 version framerate was epileptic), but for the second game, there was no multiplayer and an incomplete story.
Then they release DLC for the story and "brotherhood" for the multiplayer.
And i am sure they plan to release even more stuff... Pitiful. :(

Kemicalbeliefs3018d ago

I loved Assassins 2 which was an improvement on the first game. I can't say I'm particularly bothered about multiplayer. I'm no longer in my teens or 20's but I'm an old skool gamer that still enjoys my own company.

The DLC on no.2 was pitiful, charging you for the levels they had locked prior to release. Now that was a cheap tactic and has made me think differently of the brand and the way its headed.
Had potential but I fear they're going to try and bleed the franchise dry. I will have moved on before that, I'm not into soaps.

iamnsuperman3018d ago

I think they should have just moved to Assassins creed 3 and not have this 2.5......I do hope this franchise does not turn into what Call of Duty is and have a game every year......I beg you (Ubisoft Montreal) do not ruin this franchise

ian723018d ago

I agree with you about the DLC been pitiful on AC2. Charging for DLC to finish the story is wrong, it shouldn't have been DLC at all.
When I buy a game I want all the story for the original purchase price. DLC is getting out of hand with some developers, charging for things that should be free.
I do love the Assassins Creed games and will be getting brotherhood if its got a great single player. If its single player is poor and the game is mostly for multiplayer then I wont bother. AC is a single player game to me.

Sneak-Out3018d ago

this is not ubisoft exclusive, amazon has this also .. don´t panic

iamnsuperman3018d ago

I am not sure if it is worth the extra £15 for just in game armour + map and random tat

Dave13513018d ago

Dammit i want it in america!

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