G4TV Loop: Microsoft and the Red Ring of Death

The "Red Ring of Death" has plagued Microsoft since the early days of the 360 and now analysts are claiming that the failure rate of 360's could be as high as 33%.

Although the 360 is the current leader in the next-gen race, hardware problems may hurt Microsoft more than Sony or Nintendo ever could. With people apprehensive about buying machines they feel will just break and a ton of versions of the 360, a lot of buyers may be put off.

On today's Loop, Kevin will talk to N'Gai Croal, Gaming Editor for Newsweek, and Chris Grant, Editor-in-Chief of about Microsoft's hardware problems.

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sticky doja4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

There is nothing in this video that hasn't been talked about in at least 5 different articles on this website. Please give me new news.

Edit: Notice the disagrees and yet no reason as to why. Can someone that disagrees tell me why you think there is something new here?

oohWii4016d ago

This is Sony DeJaVu. Yet the PS3 FANBOYS still approved it. Go figure

Gamespot-equals-EGM4016d ago

Until Microsoft fixes the problem, articles on the RRoD should continue to appear.

A 3-year warranty doesn't fix the problem. This is a design issue.

So until MS specifies what the problem was and until they say it has been fixed, then this is still an issue and thus articles still need to appear about this. 10 million+ consoles sold and almost ***every one of them*** has the same design flaw.

What the hell is MS hiding from anyways? The damn company has billion yet they are still afraid of taking on the issue head on (and no, a 3 year warranty doesn't fix things).

AngryHippo4016d ago

it isn't anything that hasn't been heard before, getting tired of seeing articles regarding the subject. Running dry on game news are we so oooo i know lets put an article regarding the red ring of death up on there.
Lets see interesting news that will cause speculation excitement and anticipation...about any consoles and their games....not negative [email protected] like this that will just bring forward idiots on this site into a name calling contest and flamewar.

Takumi864016d ago

this so true...

R.I.P my 360 died Aug 15 2007 was about to buy Bioshock f king pssis me off

Melee Crazy4016d ago

Takumi86, remember MS extended warranty to 3 yrs on the 3 rings. Unless you had other issues. Try the towel trick..

Frances-the-Mute4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

yeah right! ye this is old crap, nothing new, how about Wii's red light of vengeance

EDIT: that disagree was for the ps3 crack, huh, i guess i'm not cut out to be a ps3 hater, o well, i'll go back to being a 360 hater, its in my Sony blood

Takumi864016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

did that already

now i just have to wait for return hopefully they put new heatsink or watever that could stop RROD

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The story is too old to be commented.