DICE showing Bad Company 2: Vietnam at TGS next week

VG247: DICE has announced it’ll be showing Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam in full for first time in Tokyo next week.

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xYLeinen2814d ago

I think I'm more excited about this I should be. I don't know what to expect from a expansion from DICE and I think I'm expecting too much.

Red_Orange_Juice2814d ago

shame Vietnam DLC is not included in Ultimate Edition instead of BF1943

xYLeinen2813d ago

It's a significant difference between a DLC and a expansion tho.

The_Count2813d ago

About bloody time. Should of been shown at Gamescom though.

NYC_Gamer2814d ago

for what?the japanese dont care about this game..Dice should have shown this game at GC

Game-ur2814d ago

I think it wasn’t ready for a preview by that time. It will still get world wide coverage at TGS, even if the locals aren't interested.

BeaArthur2814d ago

Some Japanese care. Everyone Saturday and Sunday morning I am inevitable in a room with a few Japanese people that take twice as many bullets as everyone else.

Triggs2814d ago

Oh I get it, they still do the banzai charge, huh? :-D

Hairy Chewie2814d ago

Been waiting for some more information on this. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do with it, a remake or two from the orgional would be pretty damn insane.
Can't wait to be flying a huey into battle to the sound of "fortune son."

Trunkz Jr2814d ago

It will be interesting.

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