2 Exclusive Demos for PS+ Subscribers today

Hope you are all enjoying the latest PlayStation Plus content. I firstly want to apologise for the slight delay in the delivery of this month’s content. There was a technical problem that meant all the content was available when you searched for it but wasn’t updated in the Plus section until first thing the next morning

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xYLeinen3016d ago

You naive little boy >_>

Baka-akaB3016d ago

no you do not , just trolling as now usual ..

Still i find the idea of "paid demos" ludicrous . i am waiting for paid ads and movie trailers too soon enough

goalweiser3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

paid demos, ads, and movie trailers....well look no further than Xbox Live! All it costs is...$60 a year to be flooded visually with colorful ads you don't care about, demos you get after the PS3, and features like ESPN 3, Twitter, Last.FM, and Facebook that are free on the PC!

divideby03016d ago

grade school starts this week and posters like this will be back to grade school and off the boards during the day....great time of year for the kiddies

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cronaldo73016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

PES 2011 is up (EU store only);)

Go to system settings and turn auto downloading on. Choose the current time and switch of ps3. The ps3 will reboot and inform you it downloading a updates, turn on you controller and press the O button.
Then have alook in the downloads section and you will see the demo in there.

danmachine3016d ago

will download it now

+bubble helpful.

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