Bungie: Split from MS reinvigorated us

Bungie's Community Lead, Brian Jarrard, has told OXM UK that the developers have been 'reinvigorated' following the split from Microsoft.

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lonix3020d ago ShowReplies(3)
princejb1343020d ago

what other good game has bungie done besides halo
i dont see all the hype for bungies new ip
they been stuck doing halo for so long they problably lost their talent to make excellnt quality new ips

lonix3020d ago

They went from one greedy company to another even greedier company

wages of sin3019d ago

Can you be more of a tool? Because we all know that SONY has NO intentions of being "greedy" and making money.

You people are fucking retarded.

Syaz13019d ago

@wages of sin

he means activision, not sony, dumbass. go get some butthurt cream for youself.

mcstorm3020d ago

Bungie will be missed by the Halo fans for sure but I am sure they will make some amazing new games under Activision. I would alose think that this will not be the last time MS and Bungie work together on some xbox games. Bring on next tuesday when the xbox world get to say good bye to Bungie and play there last but the best Halo game todate.

danmachine3020d ago

its going to be really weird seeing the bungie logo as i load up they're next game on my ps3.

SkylineR3020d ago

Why? They're just a developer. Good on them for branching out and testing other game ideas that aren't Halo.
I can't wait to try Reach, so I'm sure their next title will be good.
Hope Activision don't take them for a ride like Infinity Ward...

poopface13020d ago

it was called Oni, and was a huge disappointment. Iwas really excited to play it but it seemed like it wasnt even finished.

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The story is too old to be commented.