Resolution: Global Agenda: Sandstorm review

Resolution's Mike Rose writes: Originally released back in February, Global Agenda attempts to dress a third-person shooter up in MMO clothing. The game received relatively little praise, and soon disappeared from the spotlight. Developer Hi-Rez Studios wasn’t ready to watch its baby die out however, and announced a couple of months ago that the entire game would soon be subscription-free, allowing any player access to all content.

As an added incentive, a new expansion was also announced. Sandstorm adds a gorgeous, open-world desert area to the mix – a feature this game has been screaming for since its date of conception. Global Agenda: Sandstorm now makes the package much easier to recommend, with great combat set-pieces to be found and a sizeable world to explore. Yet along with it, many of Global Agenda’s original issues still stand, including confusing accessibility and lack of content.

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