IGN: Pre-GC 2007: The EndWar Begins; New Screens

The year is 2020 and all is not well. A joint project between the United States and the European Federation with peaceful intentions has had the opposite effect. A missile defense system created by the two unions has made nuclear warfare impossible, removing the most terrifying weapon man has created from the table. It should be a day of happiness. But without the threat of nuclear weapons that kept the Cold War from becoming an armed conflict, conventional warfare on a large scale once more becomes possible. And with a growing need to secure the dwindling global oil reserves, war becomes necessary.

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AngryHippo4057d ago

game looks really cool, dont know whether those are cutscene or what but this is definately on my radar....keeping an eye on this

Bazookajoe_834057d ago

I hope it was ingame, i like that the lighting isnt over bright like many games are these days =)