Gears of War 3 - PAX 10: Beast Mode Walkthrough (Cam)

Join up with other players and slay the pesky Humans in Beast Mode.

Courtesy of GameTrailers

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omi25p2959d ago

Day one for me looks awsome

talltony2959d ago

to fond of Gears 2 I have really high hopes for this one. I will be picking this one up. I pray for glitch free mp.

omi25p2959d ago

i loved gears one and two cant wait for third one

JeffGUNZ2958d ago

I wasn't a fan of Gears 2, but this game sounds like it's going to take the trophy with the dedicated servers. That's really the main complaint, the lag. Once that is fixed, the game will be amazing.

Convas2958d ago

LOL, this game is so beautiful it's not even funny. It's awesome to see lush tropical jungles in a Gears game, everything looks absolutely pristine!

Definitely Day one now! Screw the achievements. Seriously 3.0 or not, I'm getting this!