Xbox 360 Special Forces Think FFXIII Deal is a Dream

Andriasang: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to the Japanese Xbox 360. Is this the handy work of Microsoft's chief Japanese Xboxer Takashi Sensui?

Possibly. But Sensui may have had some help this time. Following today's Xbox 360 Media Briefing press conference, where the Japanese release was formally announced, Microsoft released its latest Xbox 360 Special Forces spot:

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JBroken2992d ago

Cos thats how xbox rolls. 360 players do not have to wait a whole year to steal ps3 exclusives, Devil May Cry, Assassin's Creed(look it up, it was exclusive) Tekken 6, FFXIII, LA Noire, Quantum Theory, GTA IV, and now VS were all announced to be ps3 exclusive at some point or another but they ended up on Xbox 360 on the same day as the PS3 release. Unlike Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock which took a whole year to come on ps3. And Gta Stories.

UP2991d ago

The was the dumbest Comment I have heard today. You deserve a trophy.

ArcFatalix2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

where was it announced? are you delusional?

Those are all third party games none of them will stay exclusives, 360 hasnt stolen anything.

But considering tons of PS3 exclusives out there that you cant find on 360, PS3 owners dont care.

Dmc4, ffxiii, quantom theory AC all flopped thanks to 360