GRAW2 finds gold on PS3, PSP

When Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 was officially unveiled last December, Ubisoft initially slated all four versions of the game--PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable--for a spring 2007 release date. However, the only version to technically fall in that window was the GRIN-developed PC version, which landed a scant four days before the summer solstice. The Xbox 360 version jumped the gun on the spring equinox by two weeks.

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MK_Red3987d ago

I wonder when we will see GRAW2 PS3 vs 360 screen & video comparsions.

QuackPot3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Just troll bait and for suckers who comment on them.

If certain developers are NOT WILLING to put the time and resources in to achieve the best results(eg Oblivion) on a particular piece of hardware(eg. Ps3) then there will be differences(eg Madden on the Ps3). So why comment? There's clearly going to be differences.

The fact is, all the games can be ported to either of the next gen consoles. How well they turn out depends on the developer not the hardware.

** Video comparisons are for chumps **

AngryHippo3987d ago

yep, it will definately happen, i think i will stay out of that thread when it arrives. Comparisons are getting boring, both consoles games look great but to some people thats not enough...anyway....i'm glad PS3 owners get to play this, its a great game and a worthy purchase. Online is great fun too.

sticky doja3987d ago

If you own it and wanna get a game together hit me up, also looking for clan members.

Scythesean3987d ago

does this game have splitscreen deathmatch unlike RB6:V?

sticky doja3987d ago

up to 4 people. Well at least on the 360 it does.

THC CELL3987d ago

there is split screen but its fp view and its really crap

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