Heroes on the Move - 1080p Gameplay

A new Gameplay Video of Heroes on the Move was released, that shows the Action in 1080p ...

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TheLastGuardian2900d ago

I was hoping Sly would have the same voice actor but I don't think he does. Sounds pretty close though.

The game looks fun and If it's playable in 1080p that would be awesome. It's my most anticipated move only game so I hope it's good.

8800gtx2900d ago

GG and Naughty Dog need to take a lesson from this. Its not hard designing an engine that can run beyond 720p.


3sq2900d ago

Why don't you teach them then? Oh and I do mean programming, not trolling.

DigitalAnalog2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Developers for the PC should take a BIGGER lesson from this and make sure my Geforce 9600GT plays 1080p 60FPS for all the multiplat games.

P.S. Don't private message me about my GPU this and that, it's better than the 360's and the PS3. Plus I've got 4GB of RAM and a Dual core processor to back that up.

Back to the topic, MLAA really works wonders and PS3 exclusives are looking cleaner than and more visually appealing than ever.

-End statement

PirosThe4th2900d ago

8800gtx... i lol at ur name cuz that graphics card cant even run fullhd properly... my old gtx260 owns that.

Console are way more ingenious making the most of a console its something pretty hard.
A pc game can run easy but it wastes so many resources...

sikbeta2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )


cos he's is a fatty boy who loves his PC more than his life...


This is my game... reconsidering, don't like the mini-games thingy...

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callahan092900d ago

Surprised how good this looks. Graphics are great, gameplay looks fun. Can't wait to see some more.

kevco332900d ago

PS3 needs another decent platformer with a few new ideas, I reckon this could be it.

dosgrtr2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

this is not a platformer,just a collection of over 40 minigames

BeaArthur2900d ago

I have to agree. I'll be shocked if this isn't shovelware.

Galaxia2900d ago

Whaaaaaa!!! Only Mini games?!

Well, this went strait from the top of my list to barely on it. :( I was genuinely looking forward to this game.

ND need to make Jak 4 really soon.

MaxOpower2900d ago

I want to like this, got all the Sly and R&C games. But OMG it looks bad.

seann2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

mingames, i always wanted a game that consisted of my console heroes. but it has to be in a certain genre, like an action-adventure game or an rpg. not a "collection of mini-games" and certainly not the brawl thing. but the graphics look nice though.

"The game will contain 40 missions, each lasting an average of five minutes". sigh. jax's first time on the ps3....this is not cool

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