5 Games that are essentially interactive movies

Adam Smith from Coregamer: Have you ever sat down to excited to play a game and when it's all unwrapped and spinning in your disc tray for the first time, you find yourself watching more often than actually playing? In the movie industry, features increasingly seem to shy on story telling and rely more on attracting viewers by throwing hours of special effects in the mix. In the gaming world cut-scenes are slowly taking over in the same way. There was once a time when games were 100% gameplay, but nowadays actual playing time seems to be limited more and more as cut-scenes and button-prompting-interactive-s egments take hold of a lot of current generation titles. Variety is great, sure. But sometimes us gamers just want to play!

Here's five of the top offenders, when it comes to parting you with your the console controller for long periods at a time:

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acky13022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

How did this even get approved?

Bandit033022d ago

It's N4G. Does anything NOT get approved?

darthv723022d ago

the ultimate "interactive movie" would be either dragon's lair or space ace. Actually, pretty much any of those generation laserdisc arcade games. You pressed a button or moved the stick and then watched the animation play out.

Weefz3022d ago

What, no Dreamfall? There's loads of action in the games the lists.

Kingdom Come3022d ago

Is there no action in Lord of the Rings?

wollie3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

funny... these are my some of my favorite games this generation.

I remember when I was younger I would play games just to get to the cut scenes. I think of them almost a reward. Play through really difficult gameplay to watch some awesome cut scenes.

nikkisixx23022d ago

Yeah I guess when people see that a game has an amazing story line it automatically is labeled a "movie" game.

yog-sothot3022d ago

Uncharted ? Mass effect ?

come on

I stopped there, it was pointless...

Kingdom Come3022d ago

It's like a Movie, just because Uncharted 2 and Mass Effects have loads of action, doesn't make them antlers movie like. Watch an Indiana Jones Film, then go and play Uncharted 2, both action packed whilst mainting some quieter scenes. The games are interactive due to them being playable...

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The story is too old to be commented.