Halo: Combat Evolved - The Most Influential Shooter Ever

To celebrate the launch of Halo: Reach NowGamer looks back at the game that started it all and how it influenced an entire generation of popular culture and game developers forever.

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Rainstorm812991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

It being the best game on Xbox when it launched.

The outstanding FPS/vehicle mechanics/control..

Good story...

I think Reach will be the game to finally live up to the original.

T9X692991d ago

I agree, I loved the first Halo but I couldn't stand Halo 2 or 3. After playing the Reach beta, it brought me back to the Halo 1 days with the gameplay. I really hope it lives up to the original, but I'm not doubting Bungie, this being there last Halo game I really think I'm going to enjoy this as much as the first one. Its kinda weird that I'm excited for a Halo game lol.

fastrez2991d ago

I was the same, the first Halo was great, but the other two not so much. Mutliplayer in Halo 3 with all the map packs is great, but the campaign didn't really stand up. Maybe it's because Halo offered so many new concepts to the table back in 2001, while Halo 3 had a tougher time competing with other shooters.

It's still a solid trilogy though, kudos Bungie, let's see what you're up to next!

GWAVE2991d ago

Halo: CE was influential. Yes, that's true, but the most influential shooter ever? I think the author of this article needs to play more games. Halo borrowed lots of ideas from Tribes, half Life, and several other shooters that came out prior to Halo.

LastDance2991d ago

Errrr i think games like wolfenstein and Doom are more know..the games that started this whole thing.

Cyrax_872991d ago

Best offline splitscreen shooters I've ever played. Didn't really like Perfect Dark for some reason o_O

Skadoosh2991d ago

I'll throw in Turok in their also. I played that split screen more than any other multiplayer game on the N64.

kevnb2991d ago

halo was influental, but compared to wolfenstein or the quake series... lol.

fastrez2991d ago

True mate, they spearheaded the genre, but are they as ingrained into pop culture as Halo? Maybe in some circles but in the mainstream, they can't compete with Halo.

Quake is still insanely massive though, it's an incredible series!

gillri2991d ago

it is a very influential shooter up there with the Dooms and half life's of this world

TheObserver2991d ago

I wouldn't say it is the MOST ever, but top tier.

Agent-862991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

I agree, what a ridiculous title. Its in the top ten of influential console shooters, but THE most ever of all time? Not even close when you consider all the PC shooters that came before.

bjornbear2991d ago

maybe MOST ever for anyone born 1992+

Golden Eye 64/Quake/Doom/Tribes/Half-Life >>> Halo in terms of innovation

nonetheless a hell of an influential game, especially for console online FPS gaming

lonix2991d ago

An xbox360 fanboy site!

tudors2991d ago

care to elaborate? considering that nobody mentioned *anboys until you doesn't that make you the *anboy? there have been many great FPS but Halo took them to the next level, or on consoles at least.

lonix2991d ago

While other articles got reported

Nintenuendo2991d ago

I'm actually very inclined to agree (at the very least from a console standpoint), but I'm even more sure of the crapstorm this article is gonna cause once everybody wakes up.

*grabs popcorn*

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The story is too old to be commented.